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sermonaudio sermon downloads in both English and another language

At www.sermonaudio.com there are lots of sermons in other languages, but mostly in only those languages. I found some that are both in English and in the other language.

English sermon with Dutch translation




Educating, Training & Disciplining Your Children (with Dutch Translation) Paul Washer (Dutch)


English sermons with Chinese translations





Arabic sermons, all with English translations. Some are guys talking in English, with another guy translating it to Arabic.

Click on:


Then scroll to the bottom of the page and it has sermons in other languages. Click on Arabic.

Look under the Arabic flag and the ones with English titles have English translations.



A guy talking in English and a woman translating it to Russian:



English sermon translated to Vietnamese




Drug Cartel to Christ: Hector's Testimony


a guy speaking in Spanish and another guy translating after him into English


The rest of them are all in Spanish only so I was lucky to run across this one.



The Gospel of Jesus Christ (with Danish Translation) Paul Washer | Washer & Leiter - Denmark 2009



Ukrainian sermons

Sorry, they are Ukrainian only, no English translations.

Even though I can only understand a few words, I included these because I like hearing how Ukrainian sounds.

My dad was fluent in Ukrainian. He would not only have been able to understand these recordings, plus discuss what they are about, all in Ukrainian.




A tip about downloading: For the first one, you have to left click on it, then choose "maybe later" then it lets you download it. After that for all the others, you can right-click and click on "save link as".
If you right click for the first one, it gives you an html file.

May 10, 2017



As far as I know, only Usagiboy7 is allowed to give sermons on Duolingo.


As far as I know, these sermons are not on Duolingo. They are on a different website.

They are translated to other languages which should be interesting to serious language students.

"As far as I know, only Usagiboy7 is allowed to give sermons on Duolingo."

Yeah, okay, post some of his sermons.


KenBookmye 25 20 14 239 I respectfully disagree if you are selling a way around the expired health break after saying that break is important to learning I have to question the importance of the break. I'm not opposed to revenue if you want to offer paid learning past the end of the German tree let me know

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Usagiboy7 25 17 6 5 4 4 3 If people want to go around the system so badly that they'll pay, I'd give them a way to do it too. Let them be stubborn and let them help fund Duolingo while they are at it. I can still believe Duolingo thinks a break is important. :)

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KenBookmye 25 20 14 239 Ah to be so optimistic. Don't worry life will crush that out of you soon. ;)

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Usagiboy7 25 17 6 5 4 4 3 People have been telling me that for years. The crushing hasn't happened yet. ;)

And, you're right. I am an optimist. But, I temper it with realism. I recognize that Health is an opportunity for Duolingo to encourage people to help fund it's existence. And, that the Health feature is not going to work for 100% of people. And, if the early data turns out to be an outlier, Duolingo will toss out the Health feature for something better. But, there is a chance this feature could make a difference for learners. The data so far seems to say so. And no, I don't think staff are lying about the data. Of the couple of staff members I've gotten to know outside of Duolingo over the last couple of years, it would be inconsistent with their values.

You know, throughout my life I've met people who mention my optimism in a bit of an "aww, that's cute" sort of way. I'm sure we have some budding optimists in our forums and so it's as good a place as ever to fortify them, no? Who knows, we might have a few young people who grow up to become Duolingo staff members ten years from now. :D So, we'll consider this next part for them:

The last time I had a near death experience, I was paralyzed, unable to see, hear, or speak. I only new that I was conscious inside of my disconnected body and that it was dying. So, I thought about my life, curious to see if there were any regrets. My review left me me mostly satisfied. I say mostly because of course I always have projects on my mind and there were many things I still wanted to do. But, I had used the time I was on the planet well. I had left a significant footprint. (I am someone who is not just a blue bunny on Duolingo you know ;) Well, they got me breathing again and here I am, a disabled volunteer on Duolingo, but, not just. Now and then, I've had new friends comment on my optimism in that "aww cute" way I mentioned.(My name isn't on billboards, I'm fond of pseudonyms, and I either come off as very nervous or very silly. So, they don't general recognize who they've said that to.) That changes when they've read my CV. I've had the opportunity and inspiration to work on many successful projects.Not all of the projects have made it big, but more often than not, they've have made an impact. I'm now co-founder of a thriving non-profit that helps children. I've recently been invited to do a workshop for staff in 6 medical facilities. Most of my work I've let leak out onto the internet under pseudonyms because it's free for people to access and I'm impatient with the time it takes to write whole books :P But, it's satisfying when things I've written echo back around to me. Tomorrow, I'm headed out of town to speak at an event where I'll be mostly unknown, even though a prior court case I kicked off in a small town set off the rock slide that brought about. And I'll share a small but important part of my research with the folks who show up. So, I don't think my optimism is the "Aww cute" kind that will be easily quashed, even if a few of my things don't pan out. It's hard to crush an optimistic hurricane, even an introverted one. We have a way of picking up momentum and making things happen. ^_^

Duolingo is a dream worth investing in, whether that be volunteer hours or plus accounts etc. for those who are able. The moment I took a look around and did a little reading about what Duolingo was up to, I knew I wanted to be involved, whether it was as a general user, an official volunteer, or however else Duolingo might have room for me. I was optimistic that this place was going to change lives. So, I jumped in, made guides, bragged about Duolingo in blogs, and did all of the little things I could to help people troubleshoot, connect, and feel supported around here. Thanks to staff and community members, what started out as someone's optimistic dream that saw 1 person sign up has now touched 170 million people's lives and counting. So, if one feature that shows early promise doesn't pan out, well I'm not going to get hung up on it. Something else will replace it and give the Duolingo dream another opportunity to keep growing, to keep connecting people.

So, there is something to be said for optimists. Including the long winded ones. ;)

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KenBookmye 25 20 14 239 Duo provides no starting vocabulary I had multiple skills where I had more than five wrong because it was new vocabulary. If I got locked out I'm sure I would not have gone back. I'd write more but you used up all the bandwidth and I'm afraid duo will end discussion because it's abused by the few people who use it like immersion or was that activity.

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I can see your point. It seems to be more of a biography than a sermon though.

I must have missed those posts.

Anyway, this morning I listened to a little bit of a sermon that was in English and translated to Chinese Mandarin. I recognized a Chinese word from it. When he was saying "look in the mirror" I heard the Chinese translator saying "kankan" and assumed it means "look". And I heard when he was saying "What does this mean?" and the Chinese translator said a word I was familiar with "ze me yung".
I like hearing Chinese, even though I don't understand much of it.


I like reading all of your posts, susanstory. I upvoted this one, too.

In the past, I have listened to religious stories in Spanish for practice.

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