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I Created An Amazing Website For Beginners To Practice Their Reading Skills!!!


I created TanzanLang because whenever I tried reading practices, I never knew enough vocabulary to understand anything but a few words. On TanzanLang, you can read short to long sentences, articles, stories, or conversations... You name it!

Please give me feedback on my website and if you have any sentences or whatever written in Swahili for me to put on the site, please comment them.

Right now I have quite a few little sections for you to read. If you want to see where the sentences are on the site, in the upper right corner is a button that says "Beginner Reading".

If you decide to check it out, please comment so. I'd love to see who visits my site!

I posted this in the Duolingo forum because I think someone who is learning any language should see my website, but most importantly, be inspired to learn Swahili or to try it out and maybe want to make something like this for their target language.

May 10, 2017



You should move this page to the Swahili forum where it may be appreciated more.


I just clicked on it, and your website seems very well-made and i bet i'd be a great resource for people learning, or considering to learn, Swahili. :)


It looks like a really cool website.


How did you make it?! Do you have G Suite?!


I used google sites.


Yeah, but Google Sites won't let me without G Suite.

EDIT: Now I can!


Very cool! And I'm sure very helpful to those learning Swahili :)


If I could just take the liberty I have a few suggestions XD:

-Have different categories of text such as conversations, exerpts from books, articles, stories, etc. Maybe you could have this just under a sub-heading of Beginner Reading?

-On the home page perhaps you could make it so that when you scroll down it has a little bit about the places that speak Swahili?

All in all, this site is a great idea! Swahili isn't a commonly taught language, so there aren't a lot of sites like this, which would definitely be helpful to a Swahili learner!


Thank you! I will try to add those things right now. Good ideas.


You have created a nice website! That is such an awesome gift to give the language learning world!


Maybe you should move the thing that says "beginner reading" down to where it's more at eye level. Or maybe it's better there; I'm not an expert on web design. But I can your site is very nicely formatted and looks very good.


Thank you. I'll see what I can do about it, that's just where Google Sites (How I made my site) immediately put it on that page.

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