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More for the Lingot Store! (it rhymes)

So i've been reading a couple streams and i've noticed that EVERYONE has THOUSANDS of lingots that are sitting around. So if everyone has these lingots, clearly there isn't a spot to spend them. So what if something was added to the store (ex more powerups, more lessons, maybe minigames) to make up for this? Thoughts anyone?

And does anyone know how to alert the Duolingo Staff to make these changes happen?

May 10, 2017



I was thinking about this a few hours ago, and I came to the conclusion that "proverbs" (which is not the same as "idioms", of course) would be a great thing to be added. As well as other "optional" skills instead of just the 2 basic "bonus" ones. It would be like having a personalized bonus section


what do you mean by personalized bonus section?


Right, so basically what I'm imagining is something like having the same three (or maybe even four) spaces "available" for optional skills to be bought in the lingot store, but many more than just the two skills that there are now, so that you would have to choose your field of technical vocabulary.


ah yes. Good idea!


Lingots are a bit of a distraction, really. They're a good way of helping to turn casual learners into committed learners, but once you've done enough work on Duolingo to have lingots to spare, they lose their purpose.

Buy a streak freeze, the bonus skills, and a test every now and then if you're interested, and then forget about lingots and use the rest of the site.


Ok does anyone know how to alert the Duolingo creators to ask for this stuff? Like will they just see this and go "hey, that's a good idea" or must they receive an email?


Minigames would be amazing to have!


Minigames, why didn't I think of that!


I think you should be able to buy trophies, or unlock medals for your status. As you level up in a language you will get around 260 if you max it out (Level 25), so you should be able to buy a status medal for like 300 lingots to show you have done it for a while. This is not the best idea, but it's one of many.


it's a pretty good idea :D the medals could be displayed next to the flags and streaks on one's profile, perhaps?


If any of you play the Supercell games, you will know about this. They should add special events here and there to Duolingo. Maybe a winter special where you can buy a new things. Something that would keep us learning and use lingots more often I guess.


these are all great ideas but will they actually happen


I thought new themes or maybe backgrounds would be a good idea???????

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