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Cancel Subscription to Duolingo Plus Without Deactivating Account

Is there a way to cancel a plus sbscription without deactivating the account?

May 10, 2017



Could you comment on what you liked it didn't like and why you want to drop it please I haven't seen any feedback from people who used it


My original post was incorrect. One can run your lessons offline. It requires you to go to each individual lesson which you want to have available offline and press the download button. This functions like all other lessons except anything that requires speech recognition (e.g repeat the sentence after pressing the microphone). Also, the self test (the dumbell) cannot be used offline.

This is very useful if you are traveling abroad and don't have access to the internet everywhere. If you are local and have a data plan, there is no need for the subscription. I would imagine that is why most would cancel their subscription, and only reactivate it when needed.

Hope this helps, and I apologize for my first incorrect response (I needed to do more exploring while connected, but unfortunately paid for the subscription minutes before disconnecting and was disappointed I couldn't continue...give yourself plenty of time to download all of the lessons you want and you will be fine).


on your phone go to google playstore , find the installed app, click on the app bar (not the open button) it brings up the app interface ..unsubscribe to service is near the top of the page


What is the app bar?


Thanks, this worked


have you looked in settings?


I have, but deactivating the account was the only option I could find


It's probably in Google Play settings.

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