"Eu nu am putut dormi."

Translation:I could not sleep.

May 10, 2017

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audio is not correct. there should be emphasis on the last ”i”


sounds more like "eu nu am putută dormi"


i translated it correctly in english with" could not...". but i see than english does not have the same verbal form as Romanian or French or Spanish, etc.where we would say : JE N'AI PAS PU DORMIR and (YO) NO HE PODIDO DORMIR. Knowing these two languages makes Romanian easier to understand.


That makes sense as they're all Romance languages, so they originated from Latin.


Why is Dormi not in the subjunctive?


What timing! Just this evening I read in a grammar book that you can use the conjugated form of a putea + an infinitive minus the particle in place of the present subjunctive. Hence: Pot vedea = pot să văd (I can see) Puteți merge = puteți să mergeți (you can go) Etc.

I know we haven't gotten to the present subjunctive (conjunctivul prezent) in Duo yet, but for now it's good to know that a putea can be used this way.

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