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"Mine forældre er ligeglade med hvad jeg gør."

Translation:My parents do not care about what I am doing.

May 10, 2017



In English, the translation should be "indifferent to" or "indifferent about" - "with" does not collocate with "indifferent" in English. "Care about" is okay - but if "ligeglad" also means "indifferent", another preposition ought to be accepted - or am I missing something?


"indifferent towards" should also ok, right?


I agree with you on the whole but I'm really not sure about "indifferent about" in this context. I think "indifferent about" has to be followed directly by a noun/pronoun and so here, where there is a clause instead, it feels like a conflation of two different phrases: "indifferent to" and "(don't) care about". Am I the only one?


I originally translated the sentence as My parents are indifferent with what I am doing, simply because of the usage of er after forældre. I believe that would also be a viable translation.


I must say 'ligeglad' sounds more positive than 'indifferent'. Is this true or would the Danish have different implications?


Ligeglad doesn't have a positive or negative connotation :P


Hm. That's confusing. Sorry to be a bother, I know you said it doesn't have any connotations, but could you explain what this sentence means? Does it mean the speaker's parents will support the speaker whatever he does, or does it mean they don't care about him and the choices he makes?


They just don't care about what he's doing.

If you wanted to add that the speaker's parents will support him in whatever he does, I would say it as Mine forældre er ligeglade med hvad jeg gør, men håber at [something].


Right. Thanks very much! :)


Can I ask you why “gøre” is used here instead of “lave”? Thank you in advance!


The correct translation carries a negative connotation that is not carried with indiffrent I agree with L.Bijker, that ligeglade does not carry such a negative connotation. And the free translation is inconsistent with the principle of sticking to literal translations as long as possible. And here, a literal translation would not sound clumsy at all.

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What is the difference in ligeglade and ligegyld / ligegyldig?


As far as I am concerned, ligeglad means “indifferent” (for a person) and ligegyldig means “making no difference” (for an object). (Ligeglade and ligegyldige are the plural or definite forms.) So, “jeg er ligeglad” means “I do not care” and (“det er ligegyldigt” means “it does not make any difference”.


my parents "don't mind" what I do - should definitely be accepted


I added those! Thanks for the suggestions. :)


also, "my parents are indifferent as to what I do" should be accepted - this phrase catches me out every time and I always fail to remember the duoenglish version grrr!


Honestly NOT distinguishable on your audio! And your translation is dismissal as well...


what would you say is a better translation?

PS, audio is fine

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