"on Friday"

Translation:ddydd Gwener

May 10, 2017



If the difference between "Friday" and "on Friday" is an extra d on dydd, how does one understand the difference in spoken form?

May 10, 2017


Check the pronunciation of Welsh letters in the Welshplus videos that we recommend. If you cannot find the link, just do a web search for something like 'welsh plus youtube pronunciation' There are about ten of them and they are very good - go through them several times as you follow the course.

The basic meanings are:

  • dydd Gwener - Friday
  • ddydd Gwener - on Friday
  • ar ddydd Gwener - on Fridays - something repeating or habitual, say.
  • ar ddydd Gwener y 5ed o Fai - on Friday the 5th of May ( ar is used for a specific day as well)

In casual usage, though, not everybody makes these distinctions consistently.

May 10, 2017


Because they're pronounced differently. "D" is like an English "D" and "Dd" is like an English "th" in "then" but not in "breath". Also it's not uncommon to hear "ar ddydd Gwener" For "on friday".

May 10, 2017
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