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  5. "Until Thursday!"

"Until Thursday!"

Translation:À jeudi !

March 2, 2013



Why is "jusqu'au jeudi" not acceptable?

  • "à jeudi !" means "see you next Thursday"

  • "jusqu'à jeudi" means that something will last until next Thursday (this week).

  • "j'arriverai le dimanche et je resterai jusqu'au jeudi" is referring to Thursday of another week (in the future)

  • 'je suis arrivé le dimanche et je suis resté jusqu'au jeudi" (same but in the past)


Thanks for the explanation. Sooo why is "Jusqu'a jeudi" wrong? How am I supposed to know what they talk about?


the hint is the exclamation mark.


Have to agree with KingKaizen here, "jusqu'a jeudi!" should be accepted. What if someone across a busy road yells at me asking how long I will be in town and I have to yell back my answer?


Question: Is it correct that "à" in upper case always requires the accent? I have a recollection from school that upper case letters never had accents.


Capitalized letters are not supposed to have an accent, above all because not all typefaces actually provide them. For example, if I want to show you an accented E or A, right now, I cannot do it.

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