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Question for those who have completed the reverse tree

How much time and effort did the reverse tree take you, compared to the main tree?

May 10, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I have comepleted in 2 days.


    My EN-IT and IT-EN was easy, since i knew them already


    It took a long time 'cause i was distracted by other languages


    All of mine took about a month to complete.


    How do you do a reverse the tree?


    Change the base Language to the language you are learning and add the language you speak. Exactly how depends on the platform you are using. When you do it Will look like all your progress disappeared but it will still be there when you change back


    Almost three months.


    Do you have to complete the normal tree first?


    no I started my reverse tree although I never use it


    How do you start it?


    I did Russian->French as a reverse tree. Just as far as getting through the skills, I don't think it was too dramatically different from the English->Russian tree. I went through the Russian tree reasonably quickly, however, so even say a 50% difference probably wouldn't register, and I know I was slowed down by the Russian/French tree still being in beta, which I'm sort of zeroing out (also, of course you have to account for differences in tree length; the Sp->En tree was just significantly expanded, so it's even harder to know how the two trees compare on that account). I suppose I was to a point in Russian where the word-by-word hints were enough to keep me moving along fairly straightforwardly. If you're not to that point with Spanish, though, certainly nothing to worry about. It just means you have more benefit to gain from doing the reverse tree!

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