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French Idioms/slangs

I would like to start a thread here on French idioms, slangs and see people contribute to it and help it grow into a vast treasure of knowledge. Each person can leave his contribution as a comment and if the discussion gets too long, one can start another discussion with the same name but add "part 2/3.." etc. That way we can search for "French idioms" as title and get all idioms/slangs in Duolingo repository. I would urge anybody learning french here to contribute to this, perhaps once a week on anything that qualifies as idiomatic usage that could be useful to others.

In essence, we are creating a Wiki, an idea I had offered few weeks back to Duolingo but wasn't given much attention. I do hope this catches up better than that did and we have productive contributions from everyone. If this works out, I would like such discussion threads be created for all languages.

Contributions could have a format like:

Word : usual meaning of word

Idiom : meaning of the idiom

Example of the idiom with meaning

However that's not cast in stone obviously, as long as the idiom is properly explained. Here is my contribution(one in the format and other as simple explanation):

emboîter : fit together, assemble

emboîter le pas à quelqu'un : to follow somebody's footsteps, follow suit

For e.g. : Alors, on peut croire Stéphane Hessel, et lui emboîter le pas, Lorsqu'il appelle à une < insurrection pacifique > : Thus, we can believe Stéphane Hessel, and follow suit, when he calls for a "peaceful insurrection"

N'avoir qu'à (faire quelque chose) is way of suggesting something.

For e.g. : On n'a qu'à aller chez Gap - Why don't we go to Gap.

March 2, 2013


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