"When will we get a pint of beer?"

Translation:Pryd cawn ni beint o gwrw?

May 10, 2017

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Is 'Pan cawn ni peint o cwrw?' wrong?


To add an example to EllisV's explanation:

  • Pryd cawn ni beint? - When will we get a pint?

  • Byddwn ni yn y dafarn pan gawn ni beint. - We will be in the pub when we get a pint.

(Note no mutation after Pryd...? and the soft mutation after pan...)


No, "Pryd" is used for questions, where as "Pan" is used in a statement.


As it's a question, I wonder why cawn is not mutated


Pryd gawn ni beint o gwrw?

I remember reading somewhere the mutation isn't necessary if it's not the first word but that it's still done in some places.


This is a tough subject for learners. Basically, if the question is asking about the subject (e.g., who is playing cards") or object of the sentence ("what are they playing"), there is a soft mutation (because historically there was a clausal connection marker "a"). If it asks about anything other than this (e.g. "when are they playing cards", "why are they playing cards," "where are they playing cards," etc.), there is no mutation. That being said, even native Welsh speakers have been known to break this rule.

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