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  5. Where has the test gone...


Where has the test gone...

I loved doing the test, but all of a sudden it has gone from the list? Where has it gone?

May 10, 2017



The progress quiz...


Yeah, I'm also disappointed it seems to be gone :-(


Bring back progress quiz!!!


I have also been waiting for it to come back with an update, but nothing yet..


I'd also like to add that I miss the progress quiz, it was the best way to spend lingots/gems (by the way Duolingo says they are introducing gems so we can spend them on more stuff but they take away the best thing from the store). I liked seeing my progress in my test results.


Still hoping that the progress test will return ... Please ...


I agree with all these other students. Please ... back the progress test


Agreed; please bring back the progress quiz! (Or at least give us an explanation of what happened to it.)


I too really miss the Progress Test feature. Like others, I relied on it to help me judge my progress over time. Not only am I unhappy that it has gone, but I am also unhappy with the way that it went - it seemed to just disappear - seemingly without any consultation or warning.

Now that the progress test has gone, the whole lingot thing seems pretty much redundant. I see that as of today I've got 1066 lingots and apart from rewarding people for their helpfulness, I've nothing to spend them on.

This sort of thing seems to be happening too often - it does feel like Duolingo's whole approach to the development of this programme falls short of the sort of principles/values it's set out in the Community Guidelines.

Or am I missing something here? Is there somewhere that DL alerts users to proposed and impending changes?


I too purchased the practice quiz to use, but had not used it yet. Now it is gone. I hope it comes back. At least I should have gotten to use the one I purchased.


The problem is that it appears the entire quiz system has been purged from the site. I too, had purchased multiple quizzes. Everything is gone, even the results list...


All these requests for the return of the progress quiz and still not happened, shame on you Duolingo!:D


This was one of the most useful things... it was one of the only free ways I had to test myself to see how my progress was going. I'd saved up Lingots for it. I feel ripped off.


Why is no one from Duolingo responding to any of these complaints??


What are my 125 lingots for????? Come on Duolingo bring back the Progress Quiz!!


This was a useful feature. Why remove it?! WTH Duolingo!


Hei DUOLINGO, please stop doing that! Everytime we are getting used to something you retire it! First was the immersion and now the tests have gone. Please show some respect to your users.


Dear Duolingo

Please bring back the Progress Quiz. My main motivator for using Duolingo every day was to earn Lingots so that I could take the Progress Quiz now and then to check my progress.

Did you take it away just to see how many people would stop training every day?...


Yep, I still miss the Progress Quiz.


I would also like to have it back... :/


I am very disappointed that the Progress Quiz is gone.


Very disappointed to see it gone as well...

Also, I have no purpose for lingots anymore at this point. My only options are Streak Freeze, Double or Nothing (to get more useless lingots), and playing dress-up with Duo. Not inspiring much interest here.


I agree! Here's a Lingot!


Me too what everyone else said....


Since Duolingo does not care for us/it anymore; does anyone know another software or app we can use for that?


Good question ! I would also be interested in finding out about an alternative way of testing my progress. Any one know any alternatives?


which test? the skill tests or the progress quiz?


Just noticed it is gone, too, and quiz history is a broken link. Best use of lingots IMO.


I'd like to toss my hat in the "hey, I was using that" ring. I was using the progress quiz every two weeks to keep track of my progress. Now, not only is the ability to take the quiz gone, but my history seems also to be missing.


huhu I was so excited to finally do the quiz again (I waited until my tree was all gold again) but it's apparently gone! This thread confirmed my fears huhu. Please bring it back! </3 I want to see if I did better this year or last year (the last time my tree was gold haha).


Please bring back the progress quiz. I have nothing left to purchase with my Duolingo lingots.


The progress quiz has gone due to the "New Modern Technology" was recently intoduced to Duolingo. I supose...


I forgot to state, that I ache for progress quiz coming back.


Just a reminder ... We still miss the progress test ... And, without the progress test you can't get a Duolingo Language Certificate (BETA). https://www.duolingo.com/comment/834824


Really? You remove the most useful feature of your product. Are you trying to convince me to go out and buy a commercial product?


Please bring back the quiz.


And we didn't even get something instead of the test! Now there is nothing useful to spend my lingots/gems on :(


Bring back the progress test!


Still hoping that some kind of "Progress Quiz" is brought back.


I still miss the progress quiz badly .


I have seen an opportunity for some kind of test pop up on the mobile app 3 or 4 times - of course never when I had enough time to take a test. At first I was encouraged, thinking you'd brought back the Progress Test, but no luck: There is no way I have found to access it (including having tried the work-around suggested in an earlier post). If you are only going to tease us, please don't.


I agree, I miss the test - it was something to aim for getting a better score each time. One way to work around this is to start a new account and do an initial skill test, and then try continually testing out of sections - it only works once for each section though, once you are tested out you can only practice.


BRING BACK THE PROGRESS QUIZ! It was the best thing in the store and I need it to keep track of my progress :( also, why is there hardly anything in the store? In the Italian one there is space for three 'bonus' modules, but only two you can buy, which is really annoying.


Please bring back the progress quiz. I returned to Duolingo after a break, this time with the intention to take it more seriously and to subscribe, but loss of the quiz is too dissapointing. Can anyone suggest good alternatives to Duolingo?


Duoliongo Please bring back the quiz!


This is the reason I use an outdated browser at home


But still WTH Duolingo WHY U DO DIS?!?!?!?!?!?


I still miss it very much too! It is such a bad move to remove it without any further notice. In another thread they promised to put it back and the reasoning was that they were afraid that we will mess up it with the paid tests... but 4-5 years has passed guys!!! What's up?


Looks like the progress quiz is back (web, not Android) for premium users (Duolingo Plus).


This is exciting! Thanks for sharing. I can't find it, though. Could you tell me where you see it?


Can you please tell me what the advantage of Plus is? Is it just no ads or is there more? Thanks! Diolch! Gracias! Danke! Merci!


I opted to do the Plus because I wanted to support an app that I use daily. Yes, having no ads is nice, but for me the real benefit it supporting an app that I enjoy. There are a few other perks, like a monthly streak forgiveness, and supposedly your questions get answered quickly. Also, I think you can download entire trees. I haven't tried this, so I don't know for sure.


It is on the main page in the web client (right hand side above Achievements). My wife says that it is also on iOS. Or you can try this link:


Plus is ad-free and you can download lessons offline.



Rats. We must be in different testing groups. The progress quiz is not there for me, and the link redirects me to the regular home screen. :(


Aw, boo. Didn't occur to me that it's in A/B test.


I have the progress test!!! It popped up today.


Yep, it's working for me too - using iOS. Fantastico!


The progress quiz is only available for duolingo plus users, but you can still use lingots to skip to the next level if the earlier ones are too easy for you.

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