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  5. "He has two hands."

"He has two hands."

Translation:Er hat zwei Hände.

May 10, 2017



why is "zwo Hände" marked as incorrect?


In standard German, I've only heard zwo when dictating numbers (e.g. telephone numbers), to prevent confusion with drei, or sometimes when counting as in eins, zwo, drei, vier.

But not before a noun as in zwo Hände.

It's possible that some dialects may still keep a gender distinction between zween, zwei, zwo but in the standard I think it's always zwei before a noun. (The originally neuter form.)


The dialects I am most comfortable with are from Thuringia and Saxony - Zwo is definitely used in informal speech before nouns there, especially by older and speakers with stronger accents, Zween much less so.

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