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Languages outside of Duo

Are any of you learning any languages outside of Duolingo; if so how are you doing it and how are you getting on?

May 10, 2017



I'm learning Japanese the old-fashioned way, with a tutor, a textbook, and a lot of flashcards (with the English for Japanese tree as a supplement). It's going pretty well and I absolutely love Japanese!


I am trying to learn Latin. Does anyone know a good way to do that?


I'm learning french 1 at school right now (finished learning now getting ready for finals) I'm doing french 2 honors in 9th grade next year.. I'm doing Duolingo as extra practice to expand my vocabulary because I love french! I'm doing Spanish just for fun


I am trying to learn Estonian, with very limited success at the minute.


I'm learning American Sign Language using LifePrint. It's free, created by a hard of hearing person with a Ph.D in Deaf Studies. It's connected to the Youtube channel called Bill Vicars. It's been great so far! It's helped me communicate with my hard of hearing friend whenever we're in restaurants and stuff we are able to converse using ASL. :)


I'm learning Korean currently. honestly I love it so much but thats not the point lol cx I am using memrise to remember sole vocabulary since its kind of hard to learn grammar and sentences. Then I use howtostudyKorean.com for grammar info (literally the most helpful site ever cx) and now I'm ordering a textbook to see how I like it (: (Also watching some korean dramas)


I learn French, but it is an online class, and it is through Edgenuity (The worst company ever.)


It looks like you're also doing French via Duolingo, though. Did you start Duo or Edgenuity first?


Edgenuity, in September. I HATE Powerspeak, which is just another program they implemented so teachers do less work. Why, do you know what it is?


I haven't heard of it. I just googled it but it didn't seem to have much info on the google page.


i used to do rosetta stone spanish but that was too expensive compared to duolingo


Latin. Pretty well. It's pretty straightforward given my existing knowledge of Romance vocab and grammar and cases from Russian. I find additional vocab overall pretty easy to retain since even if it's new, there's usually something quite familiar about it.

Georgian. Less well, schockingly ;) There aren't nearly as many tools; they're not as good; and the vocab is just extremely unfamiliar, which is probably the hardest part.

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