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English for Thai in beta

Since English for Thai was released, hopefully Thai for English will come soon after, and then Lao for English. I would love to see Lao and Thai on Duolingo

May 10, 2017



yeah Thai would be cool


I have many Thai strings not appearing on the page (including the words that are asked for). The Thai names of the Skills however appear, so probably not an i18n issue?


If you are trying to do this on Windows did you install the Thai language package so that you will have all of the fonts?


Nice! Good for them!


I'm longin for Thai on Duolingo!


That would be wonderful. My step daughter is Thai. I really want to learn the language.


I became member of Duolingo hoping Thai for English speakers was coming soon. However that was 5 years ago :-(


Check out Mondly app! I've started using it and very impressed


...and still waiting.


I'm looking forward for Thai ! :)


Thai still isn't here? :c I really wanna learn more Thai


Yes, ผมเอาภาษาไทยครับ


I trust Duolingo. I would love to see Thai offered.

I can not thank you enough Duolingo for offering free languages. This gift has been a healing to me.

I have lost my income. I have a way to keep studying your free languages. This had helped me stay positive.

One day when income, I will give back to your Company.

For the present time, thank you again for this gift.


I can't find it anywhere! Did they stop the Beta? That would be a shame :( Just found this Ling one for Thai. iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/learn-thai-language-with-ling/id1299519848?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.simyasolutions.ling&hl=en


Wow, it's been in development forever.


The only course that spent more than 1000 days in phase 1 (over 1100 in fact). We'll see if Spanish for Italian breaks that record (almost 900 days, 72%)


Hasn't Yiddish been in there for a while too?


Yiddish is 10 months younger than Thai and belongs to the current second oldest group with Chinese for French and Russian for Swedish. At the current pace all of them will probably cross 1100 days.


I'm a bit surprised no one has pointed out I got both courses the wrong way around.


I was like Chinese for French and Russian for Swedish? WHERE WHERE??!! for a moment because I would love to see those courses. I would gladly work on a Russian tree for Swedish speakers when I speak both really well.


If I recall recently development for Yiddish started again... Yep, just checked, and it looks like it has a lot of contributors now.


Responding to comments about Lao, above: Lao is very tricky because it doesn't really have a standardised written form. It is commonly written (especially in the Isan part of NE Thailand) using the Thai alphabet - but the tone rules for Thai are wrong for Lao. Spoken Lao is, for the large part, indecipherable to Thai speakers. Lao speakers just 'know the rules' as it is native to them. I live in Thailand and my GF is a native Lao speaker first, Thai second. If she speaks Lao in the office, the Thai girls just cannot understand her!


I support such a language duo on Duolingo.


Duolingo please add Thai for English speakers


Don't count on it I am waiting for it already more than 10 years.


That really sucks ...


I hope Thai comes soon!


In the meantime, you can all do the the reverse Thai tree..it's hard work but worth the effort.. I recommend installing the Thai keyboard because it makes it a lot easier than having to select Thai letters one by one from a huge list!!


cant they just reverse the english for thai into thai for english? or does that not work bc of grammar rules and all that?


I'm really disappointed in Duolingo and their support staff. There has been no responses to any of the forum questions regarding a Thai for English speakers. Since there is no support then I definitely don't want to spend money on their site to support them.


I really want Thai on Duolingo. Looking forward to it.


I'd really like this


Does anybody know if they have any plans to clean up the English for Thai speakers course? It kind of needs some attention, and based on the comments it looks like it hasn't been touched since it was released. Based on how much attention that course has gotten, it doesn't look all that great for a Thai for English speakers course.


I became member of duolingo 10 years ago, because I wanted to learn Thai in this way. 10 years waiting, or 6 years waiting. The last years I don't count on it anymore.

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