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muss VS muß

Is it possible to transform all the "muß" along the sentences into "muss"? Since 1996 the correct way to write it is "muss", I think "muß" should be accepted, but not shown as a correct word.

March 2, 2013



Yes, I'd even vote for not accepting it as a correct solution at all. Today, the only correct spelling is 'muss'. No reason for accepting (or even teaching) historical spellings.


Maybe it could be accepted like when you forget an umlaut, that they tell you that you did a mistake but you don't lose any heart. :)


A solomonic judgement ;-)


Hmm. I think that's a bit difficult at the moment and for at least another 30-50 years. It may not need to be actively taught, but the reform is only from 1996, not from 1896. Plenty of people still write according to the old rules, and/or own/sell/share books/letters written in it. It hasn't died out yet, and the students should be at least aware of the problematic. I know, it IS wrong officially, but not to many Germans age 30 and above, who saw/see no reason to re-learn it.

I see this with my children every day. They're in the 5th grade, and we have discussions all the time because they stumble over the spelling differences in the books we have at home (I obviously didn't threw away years of book collecting) or when they get a card, email or letter from an older relative. I'm 32, and graduated during the introduction of the spelling reform (they started in the 5th grade when I was already in the 7th). It is only because I worked as a tutor, that I had to teach me the new rules. I know plenty people of my age who refuse doing that or just don't want to bother. I even know of a situation were a student of mine nearly didn't get a job (two years ago) because the elderly boss claimed spelling mistakes (new reform spelling) in his application letter, hehe :~

Instead of calling it a mistake, I think a warning telling that it's "depreciated" may be more informative.


Hi, as I'm also part of your age cohort, I know these problems very well. But I still believe that a language learning site should only teach the official correct spelling. 1996 was nearly 20 years ago ;-)


Yes, I agree. I just would find it more helpful to clarify that it's a mistake in terms of "it's running out but still in use", since everyone who learns German to actively use it will have to deal with the old spelling sooner or later. Which can be really confusing :)

And to the new learners reading this: No panic, this employer in my example was really an exception that shouldn't happen anymore (and can be clarified easily in the rare case it happens). Some older people are just stubborn. I remember in an application seminar five years back, they still told me to choose the spelling according to the age of the employer xD

But if you apply in Germany nowadays, always use the new spelling ^^;


BTW: You did not throw away all of your old books because of the spelling reform? You can't be a real German! ;-)


I did have to teach the new spelling. Being an obedient person I did, but in my own language (Dutch) I hardly bother because I have seen at least three "new spellings". (Just a bit older, I admit: 64)


I see your point but since it is still found in print I think it needs to be acknowledged. I think eni's suggestion would be a good compromise.


You're right. All display and source sentences should now have the correct spelling (muss). Thanks!

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