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Switching between languages

I am getting bored (sort of) with the English-Italian tree, so I just started the Italian-French tree, to practice writing a bit while immersing myself in another Romance language. However, why is it such a hassle to toggle between my from-English courses to my Italian-French course? Is it not much more convenient to add all current courses to the drop-down menu?

May 10, 2017



Is it not much more convenient to add all current courses to the drop-down menu?

There are non-official userscripts doing that, for example here.

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I 100% agree with this.


There were userscripts to do this before the site update, but the new site isn't compatible with the old scripts, so I'm eagerly awaiting the re-writes of all of the scripts I was using, because they really enhance the Duo experience.


so I'm eagerly awaiting the re-writes of all of the scripts I was using

A new (and slightly different) userscript to switch between courses is already available since 11 days ago. ;)


What if the authors of those scripts are no longer Duolingoers?


Then I guess I'll have to wait for somebody else to write them, because I certainly cannot do it myself. ;)


because I certainly cannot do it myself. ;)

You should try, Google let you learn how to do so: any (precise) question, ask Google (or your preferred search-engine) and you'll have find an answer. ;)


Apparently this is still a hassle in the new version of Duo.


The site rewrite was intended to keep the UI (user interface) almost exactly the same as the old one, but change the inner workings of the site so that it's easier to update and change in the future, so yes, the new version of Duo was not intended to fix this or other issues.


But far from not fixing it, they did actually change the UI, eliminating useful features (like the sentence review pane after lessons), and making changing base languages (which, contrary to popular belief, is not actually difficult in the old UI, just somewhat unintuitive, at least if you're not switching to courses from German or Dutch) substantially more difficult.

NB: I don't have the new site. These statements are based on the reports of others which have struck me as reliable. If anyone is aware that these statements, I would be happy to know it so that I might dread the impending rollover somewhat less.

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