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  5. "Наши дочери любят читать."

"Наши дочери любят читать."

Translation:Our daughters like to read.

May 10, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Is there a Russian way of expressing the slight difference between "love to read" and "love reading"?


    Lubit is used for both like and love then why here only like? It's typo.


    Why can't it be "Our daughter loves to read", since there is "любят"?


    The sentence is in plural. Did you try "Our daughters love to read"? That might be accepted.

    However when we are not talking about people, it's often more apropriate to translate "любить" as "like".


    I don't know if it is Russian, English or duolingo, but the whole love/like/lyubyat thing is terribly irritating. We are told that we should use "like" when talking about nonhumans (even when the natural way of speaking is "love" in English) and marked wrong if we use "love" (apparently because for "love" to be deemed correct the original has to be ochen lyubyat), but then here "love" is accepted.


    One important clue is the plural form наши - that means that the noun it modifies is plural. "our daughter" would be наша дочь


    Same question


    this app is glitched, literally put the correct answer and it was flagged as incorrect. awesome


    "любить" means love and "нравится" means like Why can they get it right??????


    любить can mean "to love" or "to like", depending on the object of the verb.

    любить [inanimate things] means "to like [inanimate things].


    what does MH 4 mean when i hover over the translation of Дочери it is in brackets next to daughter???? super curious than you for any help


    It is мн.ч for "множественное число" (the plural number)


    Our daughters love reading... watch out for the plurals

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