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Is 'da vorne' a legitimate German phrase?

Just a simple question here. I understand that 'hier vorne' means 'over here'. I was wondering, would 'da vorne' mean over there? And if so, is it a common expression? Thanks!

May 10, 2017



Yes, "da vorne" is a common expression. "hier vorne" is a bit closer to you than "da vorne", but it is still in front of you. If it is behind you, it would be "da hinten".

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In fact, "da hinten" can also be in front of you.


Exactly, for example if something is at the back of a room.


So, would this be used more when you are referring to an object that is generally in front of, or in the forward position of the subject you are talking with?

Something more like, "The door is over there right in front of you. Just keep walking straight."

Or, would da vorne be used in any direction or distance between the subject and object? Could you be referring to something to the side of or behind the subject, or even far away?

Could or would you say, "Das Flughafen is da vorne" or "Berlin ist da vorne"?


It means literally something like "there at the front".

Something can be far away from you and at the front (e.g. of a room) or close to you and at the front.

"da vorne" sounds fine to me.


Danke für die Erklärung!

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