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Practice with writing

I wish the course gave more practice in writing in my new language. I appreciate the practice with translating from German to English, but need more examples to write myself, in German. It should be at least half of each.

May 10, 2017



It's a deliberate decision from Duolingo to provide more translation into your own language than into the language that you are learning.

See https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19241861 for a statement and an explanation.

My interpretation: Duo does what it does not to be as effective as possible for dedicated learners; instead, a significant factor in decisions is the number of learners. So, many things are kept easy because this "scares off" fewer casual learners.


For more writing practice go to the reverse tree (learn English from German), and do them both at the same time.


What a good idea. Thank you.


For writing practice, you could try Lang-8. It's a website dedicated to writing practice for foreign languages. You write "journal entries" in the language you are learning and then people with that as their native language grade it and provide suggestions. In turn, you also provide help to people learning your native language by grading their entries.


It seems Lang-8 is not accepting new registrations. :(


Absorb information about writing, but don’t overwhelm yourself. I’ve been known to read a writing handbook or editing manual cover to cover, but I recommend reading one chapter or section at a time and absorbing information from online resources in similarly small doses as well. Our https://paper-writing-service.reviews.com/essayswriting-org-review/ writing service is a good starting point, as it features thousands of posts about specific grammar, syntax, and style topics as well as vocabulary-building posts and more comprehensive posts about writing, editing, and language. You can take help from numerous sources on internet and friend circle

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