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Beta Swahili - Two Categories Not Allowing Advancement from 4 to 5

I am finding that category "Past 2" and category "Pass Verb" will not let me complete them (move from 4 to 5), no matter how many times I repeat them, even with a perfect score (17). This is my second time through the course. I did not encounter this problem the first time through. Has anyone else experienced this with any of the Beta Swahili categories? I notice new vocabulary is introduced on the second or third pass through most of the categories, but I am way beyond that -- I am getting the same questions, perfect score (17), but I am stuck at 4 and cannot get to 5 on the two categories named above.

[EDIT] I have come to the conclusion that at this time, NONE of the categories in the Beta Swahili are allowing completion (move from 4 to 5) -- at least not for me. It does not prevent me from learning, but it is not motivating :)

[EDIT] I have found that if I get stuck on 4 in any category and it will not advance to 5 no matter how many times I do the "Strengthen" exercise, I can advance to 5 by clicking REDO on one of the lessons and redoing a lesson. Then it goes from 4 to 5 no problem.

May 11, 2017



That's a common problem with a bunch of the languages. I think it comes from the fact that through some computer glitch there is one sentence that never gets shown to you, so it always remains in the 'not practiced' category. There are two ways to fix it. One is, as you found, redoing the specific lesson that contains the missing sentence. The other way is to switch between using the phone app and the website. If you usually use the website, trying doing the lesson on the phone app. You'll see that missing sentence and you'll get your gold circle back.


Asante. Umenishauri vizuri!


Instead of clicking "strengthen", click one of the actual lessons inside each topic if you know what I'm trying to say.


Asante sana kwa jibu lako!


Karibu. Yoyote saa.

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