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Possible 2 day trip: how not to loose 140-150 days streak?

I may have to take a trip lasting a couple of days and moving to a different time zone. Is there a way not to loose my (by then) 140-150 days streak?

May 11, 2017



There is the streak freeze in the lingot store, as well as simply handing your account over to a trusted person to do a lesson for you. Ultimately, however, the streak is how many days you've practiced in a row, and if you miss more than two days (that's with a streak freeze on) the streak is over. Learning a language is more than a number on your profile :)


Don't you have a smartphone? You can always go to a Starbucks or some such place with WIFI and sign in and keep the streak going.


I'm assuming he/she might be going to a rural area with no wifi access or Starbucks.


On the Android App there is sometimes a streak freeze for the entire weekend (amulett) for about 20 lingots. That may suffice.


Thank you, All!

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