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Meeting the Irish polyglot

May 11, 2017



This fellow used to actually learn languages and document the process, which was interesting. Now, however, he just tries to sell things, outsources most of his content and self-promotes. It's a pity.


That sounds a bit harsh, doesn't it? He sounds like a decent enough likable guy.
You can tell from the video he isn't rich, or anything like that, so he's just trying to make a basic living from doing what he love and what he's good at.
He didn't try to sell you up to anything in this video... The opposite of that, in fact.
So at least in this instance, this response wasn't warranted. Give him some break.
You can't put yourself in his shoes.


I watched this video years ago (it's about 5 years old); I was lamenting what has become of his channel since then.

[deactivated user]

    I don't think you quite understood what garpike said, also the video is quite old, he has changed.


    How can you tell how much money someone has just by watching them on a video?


    Did you even watch the video? He talked about his life quite openly.


    I have been following Benny for a few years. I like his latest books. His Spanish is fabulous, not in those videos, but in the recent ones, such as Duolingo's CEO interview in Spanish.

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