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Word gender.

Is there any way to see the words gender based on it's spelling? Or do i have to look them up in the dictionary to find out?

May 11, 2017



Q. Can you tell something about the gender of nouns in the German language?


Most nouns with word endings (suffix) as below might fall in one of this three groups:

1) -masculin endings: -er, -ling

  • For example: der Maurer

  • For example: der Liebling

2) -feminin endings: -heit, -in, -keit, -ung, -tät

  • For example: die Freiheit

  • For example: die Amerikanerin

  • For example: die Ewigkeit

  • For example: die Umgebung

  • For example: die Universität

3) -neuter endings: -chen, -um

  • For example: das Mädchen

  • For example: das Album


Source: German Teach Yourself


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You might check out SmarterGerman on YouTube. They have some great material on German grammar. Here is one about articles - https://youtu.be/6vHSJp0QlxQ, and one about cases - https://youtu.be/ureYGtdHCfE


There is no way, no rule. You have to learn them with every noun.


That's not entirely true. There are some general guidelines (someone posted them above), but there are many, many, many exceptions. So, yes, it does help to learn them with every noun, but it also helps to have a general understanding of the "rules".

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