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Berlin - suggestions?

I'm travelling to Berlin this weekend! I've been before and already done the main touristy things. I'll be meeting up with friends, but I'll have a few hours after I land on Friday to do some sight-seeing on my own.

What can you recommend? I was looking at some obscure museums or good parks or markets etc... if there was a tour or something I could practice German as well.

May 11, 2017



I have no suggestions for Berlin specifically, but I can recommend guided tours in general for language practice. It's a fun way to get some exposure to a language on "easy mode": both the material and the delivery will probably be clearer than in a typical conversation, and you have contextual cues to help fill in any gaps in your vocabulary.



Ich finde die Siegessäule sehr beeindruckend. Man kann auch über Treppen aufsteigen und hat so einen guten Blick über den Tierpark. Das Brandenburger Tor ist dann auch nicht mehr weit weg.


Gute Idee! Ich habe niemals den Fernsehturm probiert aber die Säule ist wahrscheinlich günstiger und ebenso interessant.


The Gaerten der Welt is a beautiful park, and a little out of the way (though easy enough to get to by tram/bus). https://gruen-berlin.de/gaerten-der-welt

It's a giant collection of many different styles of garden/park. They just opened a new one I think, and the Internationale Garten Ausstellung is going on right now, so there might be extra things going on.

Mauerpark flea market is enormous and great, good for practicing German. I'm not sure what days it runs, though.


There's a great farmer's market in Boxhagener Platz on Saturday mornings, offering a lot of different and DELICIOUS (!) ethnic foods (and flowers!) Also a great place to chat with vendors. :) (There's also The Breakfast Market. . . which is Chelsea Market / Grand Central Market-esque. Sehr lecker!)

Also, speaking of food, my two favorites during my visit were Babel (Middle Eastern) and Zula Cafe (a hummus cafe) which are both in Prenzlauer Berg.

There's also a pretty / bustling street with cafes and shops along Bergmannstraße, starting west of Friesenstraße. (Kreuzberg, I believe. . .)

The Neurotitan Shop & Gallery is also fun too (Mitte) if you like browsing comic books. There's also cool buildings / graffiti art in the area.

Ahh. I'm so jealous you're going. . . Berlin is amazing.


Vielen Dank! Zahllose gute Empfehlungen, danke :)


Cool, I hope you have fun, but I don't know what to suggest? I never been there.


Go to a bar and order yourself beers or wine. Or go into a clothing shop and know how to reply when the shop assistant asks you if he/she can help you.


I've never been there, but the Mauerpark seems like a really cool place to be.


Ooh, check out Kreuzberg. I stayed in that area for a couple of days when I visited Berlin and the food and bars were great. Great independent walking tours too.


Wagenpark Lohmühle und ehemalige NSA-Listening Station auf dem Teufelsberg.

http://www.lohmuehle-berlin.de/blubb/wir-ueber-uns/ https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teufelsberg

Beides übrigens auch tolle Orte für Fotografen.

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