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So I'm LOVING learning Spanish, and have earned several circles. But as I earn more and more, the yellow curves around each circle diminish. Obviously, I go back to do the strengthening activities, b/c I want them to stay at least 4/5. But now I'm spending so much time doing that, that's there hardly any time to learn more material/earn more circles. Here's my burning question? If I lose ALL the yellow curves, what will happen???? Will I always have to go back to do basics and say "I am a penguin. I drink beer", lest I lose my whole "tree"? THANK YOU for your response

May 11, 2017


You do not ever lose your tree.

You can pick which skills to strengthen so you can ignore the early circles if you are convinced you know all that is in them and just do the more recent ones.

Try for a mix of strengthening older material and making progress on the tree. Eventually you will finish the tree and go back making things gold and consolidating until it is all second nature, after which it is time to movemon from duolingo in that language and seek out other learning opportunites - books, films, people to speak with etc.

After a while the decay rate slows down, so for example in my best language, Esperanto, i do one or two strengthens a day , it takes about five minutes and my entire tree is always gold.

May 11, 2017

No, you will not lose your tree.

May 11, 2017

i would say don't worry about it, Just have the main aim to finish the tree.

I think your golden circles will last longer if you have completed the tree because i think duolingo would assume your knowledge would be more efficient and precise if you have covered all the topics.

I rememeber back in late 2015 all of my circles in the tree were golden not for one but two languages. In french and spanish all of my circles were golden for good 1 month (i wasn't really working that hard to maintain it like 120 a day; i had days when i use to manage 600 in a day back in early 2015). Then i got busy and lost my streak.

So, don't worry about golden circles just for now just complete the tree and it would be much more easier for you to maintain the golden circles after that.

May 11, 2017

THANK YOU, everyone. I feel better already! :)

May 11, 2017


May 16, 2017
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