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How is "sch" pronounced in Catalan?

I think I've heard people pronounce "Bosch" as "bosk" and "Guasch" as "guash". I'm confused... Is it supposed to be "sk" or "sh"?

May 11, 2017

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Here a Bosch.

It is pronounced /sk/. Or it was. The problem is that that is old Catalan. It is fossilized in some surnames, but since 1910 orthographic reform this group of characters is no more in use. With the current orthography it should be "Bosc" and "Guasc". There are people that don't know that and are pronouncing incorrectly their own surnames like if they had a German origin.


Oh, so that's it. Moltes gràcies! (?)


Gràcies per l'explicació Pau. Ets un crack


Coi, que m'afecta el meu propi cognom. :p

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