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"A híres kép sajnos nem ebbe a múzeumba érkezik."

Translation:The famous picture, unfortunately, does not arrive at this museum.

May 11, 2017



Why was "The famous picture, unfortunately, is not arriving at this museum" not accepted?


Because that sentence has not yet been added as an accepted translation, so Duo throws it out.


My question exactly


The hungarian sentence suggests the picture arrive in the another museum. 'does not arrive' vs 'not this museum' thx csipke100


The sentence is completely wrong in English either way. It should be has not arrived, or in the meaning you suggest, won’t arrive. We try to translate does not arrive or is not arriving just to pass the lesson but both are wrong


"To this museum" sounds better as a translation, and is a valid translation for the ba/be ending


You can't 'arrive to' something in English, it's not a valid preposition to use with the verb 'arrive'. Correct prepositions are 'at' or 'in'. I think 'at' is most appropriate in this sentence.


Is the word "erkezik" used a lot in Hungarian? In English, "arrive" usually means to reach a destination, as in "to arrive at an airport." For a picture to "arrive" at a museum, the context would be that it was successfully delivered. The sentence in this example I THINK is intended to suggest that the picture is in some sort of traveling exhibit that is not scheduled for this museum. A likelier translation would be "The famous picture, unfortunately, will not come (is not coming?) to this museum." In any case, "does not arrive" is very awkward English.

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