"J'ai une lampe rouge."

Translation:I have a red lamp.

March 2, 2013



anyway , you don't have to turn it on tonight .....

October 12, 2016


...or wear that dress

January 11, 2017


Fellow Sting fan, an acceptable human! I bow to you (and Sting)!

January 19, 2017



January 29, 2018


why isn't light accepted. It is used interchangeably in English with lamp

May 14, 2014


It's not always interchangeable. A lamp is always a light, but a light isn't always a lamp.

March 7, 2015


Lamp is a funny word. I had to think about this for a minute. If I'm at the store I'm more likely to say "I need a lamp for my desk.", but at home I'm more likely to say "Turn on the light on my desk." In any event I should think "lamp" and "light" should be interchangeable in this instance, but I don't think duoLingo will agree.

March 25, 2018


You would actually say "I have a red light" to refer to your lamp (the sentence we have here)? I can't imagine phrasing it that way. A red light is the colour of a bulb, or a traffic light.

March 26, 2018


I don't know. Like I say the distinction between "lamp" and "light" is funny. When I saw this sentence: "J'ai une lampe rouge." I thought "douLingo is going to want me to call it a lamp, but it's not always a lamp. Sometimes it's a "light" " I had to think about it for a minute. Anyway. I would probably say "I have a red lamp on my desk.", but ask you to "Turn on that light (meaning the red lamp)." duoLingo doesn't accept "light" for any of the three sentences with "lampe" in this unit.

March 26, 2018


French has separate words for light and lamp, just like English. I think we have to translate each sentence as seems appropriate. Here, it's clearly lamp. I don't know what the other two sentences are that you speak of.

I agree that in English, you turn on a light, not a lamp. But in French, you don't turn it on, you light it, or illuminate it. "Allumer." If you imagine an old -fashioned oil lamp, you would light it. "Turn on" applies to an electrical light switch. The French verb is no doubt of far older origin than the English expression.

March 26, 2018


let's just say douLingo is a touch.....eccentric.

March 26, 2018


I just got back from Spanish duoLingo. There they accept queue for "cola". Now from my understanding a line is not always a queue, but a cola is always a line (or a tail). That is to say if a line of soldiers were marching down the street they'd be in a line (cola) but not a queue.

April 4, 2018


Why is it not correct to say pink lamp instead of red?

May 17, 2017


Pink is a different word (and colour). That would be "lampe rose"

May 18, 2017


Pink is pale red.

December 29, 2017


No, pink is pink, pale red is a paler version of red.

April 26, 2018


"I have a red bulb" was wrong...

February 13, 2018


Bulb is l'ampoule.

February 13, 2018
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