Good Morning! This is an interesting topic to help you practice!

So I have been researching at the library about the best way to learn a language. So it says that the best way is to focus on the coarse and make cards, and or study posters. It also says that if you can not learn a language on your own that a tutor and or teacher could help you. So my mom and I practice French together every other day not including the weekend. So I also made cards to help. You can get some small cards and write on one side woman and on the other side you would write femme if you are speaking French. If one of us gets the answer correct we will get a penny and we put it in our France trip cup. So far we have $10.00. So we have been practicing so that we can go to France sometime soon. Also my mom and I put are birthday money in the cup but our birthdays haven't happened since we made the cards and cup. It is a good incentive for those who have a lack of interest in practicing. Just a little tip from a language learner. Thank You

May 11, 2017


I always speak to my mother in English and she always screams me "I DO not know what you're saying" and well it doesn't feel good! :(

May 11, 2017

LOL I speak a little Spanish with my mom.

Nobody else in my family speaks French so its a little hard to learn quickly. my older sister used to take French but stopped.

Interesting! Sorry

That's ok . maybe if i try real hard i will one day master it

I know you will!

i'm sooo sorry to hear is there anything I can do to help : )

Well a lot of French conversations help!

I speak french with my family sometimes cause that's the only thing that they understand but when I'm like emailing or texting my best friend (she's german but she is fluent in english too) I write in german.

An interesting idea. Although I'd recommend you practice every day instead of every other day, so you can build up a streak.

Also, I hope you enjoy France once you go there!

No I practice with my mom every other day. I do try to practice everyday though.

very good way to learn!

Good job! Thats awesome (: don't let it discourage you!

Thanks! Here's a lingot!

Thanks! You didn't have to though, but I really appreciate it (: Good luck for your france trip. I know eventually you guys will go, my dream is to visit Korea one day!

Cool thanks! I know you will get to go on your trip! Just keep saving up your money! Thanks Again! :D

No my mother is part Spanish so I learned Spanish growing up but have lost some do to not practicing. For your information sir.

That sounds like a really great idea!

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