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"Az önök szobája a lift mellett van."

Translation:Your room is next to the elevator.

May 11, 2017



"lift" should be accepted.


Lift, folks, is the standard UK English. "Elevator" in UK English is something slightly different.


Does "önök" mean "you" Singular in a polite way, or is it the same as "ök" in a polite form?

"Your room is beside the elevator." Is the "your" one person, or many persons?

Or is it the exception form as described in Tips and Notes?

So it looks like a singular possessor, but is still plural. Second, when the possessor is a noun in the plural, like a lányok, the possessed noun loses its plural ending -(j)uk or -(j)ük:

<pre>a lányok cipője ‘the girls' shoe’ a lányok asztala ‘the girls' table' </pre>


"önök" is plural polite you. The singular is "ön".

"Az önök szobája" is "your (plural) room".


Do the "Ön" and "Önök" sentences both use the 3. Person Singular Suffiz (je, ja, a)?

Ön a szakacs, ez a konyhaja.


Yes. The only key is the possessor.


How do you find the tips and notes for each course?


In the Main Menü of Duolingo, where the tree is. You klick on the lesson, which you want to practice and then there is another button, which you can click on.

It is a circle with a "lamp". ;-)

Or you open the "https://duome.eu/FheWIYzE/progress" site. Replace my name with your username.

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