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Well, isn't that interesting...

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Last week I suddenly lost the ability to play back my recorded voice in my computer lessons. I poked around here for a while and couldn't find an answer and decided to switch from Chrome to Firefox. It works. If I figure out why it doesn't work in Chrome I'll post back here, or if someone else has the answer I would be happy to hear it!

May 11, 2017



My guess is that it has something to do with how Chrome treats the flash plug in. But, that's just a guess. IIRC, Chrome defaults to disallowing it and has deprecated the plug in.


put chrome://settings/content into the search bar and under "flash" check "allow sites to run flash" that may help you.

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Good suggestion but no luck, even after resetting and rebooting. Thanks for trying, though, and have a lingot!

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