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Study Partner??? I am looking for a study partner!!

I thought it would be very useful and fun to have a study partner on here!! I haven't quiet asked any body yet but i was wondering if i could have a study partner!! please comment if you have the same language as me and would also like to be my study partner!! And It has to be safe!! We can also have more than 1 person in the study group!! No personal questions and we have to talk on here!!

May 11, 2017



I could be your study partner on Spanish and Irish.


Yo Ella, 1st off: I could be your study partner for Spanish, and it would be real easy because we know e/o in real life soooo....

2nd: You are my BFFL, so take no offense to this: Maybe read the guidelines... a... little... more... because it's kinda a new rule to not have "groups". You know? A mod posted something about that so...

3rd: It would be really cool to study with you!! Just let me know and I could help you!

4th: Well, there isn't a 4th! You are utterly cool sooooo yeah. just let me know. PEACE!


Ummmm.... ok... thanks... I guess.


What do you mean you guess?


i could be your study partner :-) in spanish


I will in Italian? I'm not learning it but can to study since I have always wanted to?


I am not learning Italian either... Have you ever wanted to learn Spanish?


If you have you can start it on here and we can help you!!


I could be a study partner in Spanish.


Ok! that would be great! since you are a higher level in Spanish than me than you should know more stuff than me! So that would be great!


I was wondering, you know how in English we abbreviate laugh out loud to lol. Does similar happen in other languages. Do other languages also say lol or do they say their own version like rpl? (Random, no idea what rpl would stand for) it just occurs to me that all these abbreviations we take for granted in English might be there for us to learn in other languages. (Thanks for help in advance)


Well, I'm a native spanish speaker from Perú, and we use many "jergas" like: ¡Ya pe'! abreviation for "ya pues"!, or "Hola wey" that means: "Hi dude". we also use some words in English like: "How are you" pronounced and written like:" Jaw ar yu"? if you want to see more of how peruvians write in english see this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgtJREBrWBE "The singer with the worst english in the world sings "Rap God".


Wow that is a terrible video, he music is ok though. Sorry to ask but is he speaking English or Peruvian? It sounds like a different language but you said 'the singer with the worst English in the world sings "rap God". That just confused me a bit. But thank you for the reply and the help. I would be grateful to hear what any other languages do. :)


Since activity was curtailed it will be hard to do it here. But good luck


I'm learning Spanish


would you like to study with me?!


I am learning what your learning amigo i will be your partner


I would love to be a study partner but I'm not learning any of the languages you're learning : (


go to colesucks on duolingo he can help


i wood but I'm german

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