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Student Notifications

I am extremely disappointed that I have to delete my Duolingo school account because someone named HotTeacher 712597, HotTeacher880253, HotTeacher442074, and HotTeacher151724 sent notifications to my students! I even hads the notification for friends disabled. I still don't understand how this was possible. The information on her page was inappropriate and contained a link for adult content. I am beyond disappointed; I am angry because my students loved Duolingo. They were learning so much. I reported the abuse, but our school district still needs us to delete all accounts. I hope Duolingo corrects this so students can benefit from the program in a school setting in the future.

May 11, 2017



Hi KristinaHo11,

We are aware of this particular spam incident and have tackled and eliminated this problem and are also taking various steps to prevent future ones like it. We are sorry for the problems this may have caused you and your students, we take this very seriously and that sort of activity is unacceptable to us. Aside from our existing tools, it is due to reports from concerned users like you that we caught the issue and managed to handle it quickly, so thank you for reporting it right away. We hope you and your students can come back soon and learn with us here at Duolingo.


Hi Vivisaurus.

Many people, including moderators, have said that Duolingo needs an email verification system. It could be optional for using the lessons, but it could be required for posting on the forums.

Is this something Duolingo would be willing to consider? It would bring this site in line with most other forums I've encountered.


Hi hughcparker! For sure (I am a fan of that idea as well), we are aware that it would solve some forum issues, but there are also obstacles to implementing it -- our team size for one, but also that it could create a hindrance to many learners in schools and developing countries wanting free access to language education. We do have some amazing people working here, and we are exploring clever alternatives within the restrictions of what we can do to improve things for everyone. But because of the small team thing, we also have to prioritize certain things above others--for example, we are re-writing the entire website to update the code and make it faster and smoother so that we can actually implement new things in it. But this requires us to also re-write the entire forum (under the hood) in order for it to remain compatible and also work better. As you probably understand, we cannot do any other improvements before that is done. Meanwhile, we are trying our best to deal with any abnormality that happens and I really appreciate all the help we are getting from the community in doing that with us. <3 Thanks and keep the suggestions coming, we certainly like receiving them!


we cannot do any other improvements before that is done.

Thx for the info.

it could create a hindrance to many learners in schools and developing countries wanting free access to language education

I don't get how "no mail verification to access the courses but one to interact in forums" would hindrance?
Indeed, people could learn for free as they do right now since there wouldn't be any limitation on access to courses.

Again, I perfectly get the "timing/human ressources" point, but not at all the "mail verification ONLY for forums would create hindrance".


I am not sure how Duo could prevent this. You had the ability to block your students from discussion and even having a profile visible and didn't. When you gave them that access it made it possible. Granted the name raised a flag when I saw it but I don't see how duo could stop it if they had used a more innocuous name.


Hi KristinaHo11,

may I suggest you relocate this discussion in the “Educators" forum?

It'll not have the issue being solved immediately but, contrarily to other forums, the Educator forum is quite attentively read by staff.
Therefore, your message explaining that your school made you stop using Duo may make Duo consider again to change their policy(*) to open new accounts or, at least, for an account to be able to communicate (in anyway: forums, streams (as long as they exist), ...) with others.

If their "cherished baby" that is Duo for Schools starts to suffer from that, they may finally take some reasonable decisions (reasonable for the users/the community even if not for the "number of users on Duo).

To relocate it (\/!\ please, don’t create a new one \/!\), edit your original post then select said forum in the drop-down menu on top-left of the edition area (see here for details).

(*) N.B.: Not saying that there is a magic solution 100% preventing such behavior to happen.
But some things could be done to reduce them.


It ticks me off too, why would someone have that username on a site like this? I am with you.

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