"Farmaciștii nu sunt casieri!"

Translation:The pharmacists are not cashiers!

May 11, 2017

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'Farmacisti' nu sunt casieri was marked as a wrong choice on this multi-choice sentence so how would i say "pharmacists are not cashiers" if i mean all pharmacists generally and not a definite group as here?


In Romanian, there is no difference between the two sentences; context is necessary to make that distinction. IMO, I'd always interpret an out-of-contexts sentence like this as general statements, so I don't agree with the default English translation.


I think the problem there is that as someone pointed out in another post, a noun at the beginning of a sentence uses the definite article. Whereas farmaciști is indefinite.


And how about 'The chemists are not cashiers!' as an optional BE translation?


Shouldn't "cashiers" be "casierii"?


In the U.S. they are! They also sell candy, alcohol, and tabloids.

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