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Feedback : refreshing the skill tree after a long period of not practicing

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I added several suggestions and images along with the feedback. If you have any kind of advice or your own feedback regarding the same topic please share with the rest of the community.


  • Strengthen skills vs. Strengthen individual skills
  • Batch practice could make refreshing skills a bit more interesting.
  • Potentially better overview of users progress down the skill tree by adding a "minimap" and/or a numerical indicator of progress (visible upon hover)
  • Sentence discussions could be more interactive and bit easier to access. (suggestions)

I think It has been around six months since I put any kind of real effort in refreshing my Italian skills because I was focusing on German. Of course skill strength of all of my skills has deteriorated. So several weeks ago I started re-golding my Italian tree.

First I thought about using "Strengthen skills" but that proved to be rather difficult since it is using weakest words in my whole Italian vocabulary and of course most of them are used in the hardest sentences from the end of the skill tree.

I wanted to get back to practicing Italian by gradually increasing the difficulty of lessons therefore I quickly abandon "Strengthen skills" and focused on refreshing individual skills going from the easiest toward the hardest ones.

suggestion: Perhaps it would be a bit more interesting If I could practice all the skills preceding a specific checkpoint. In essence it means making checkpoints clickable. (I fully understand it isn't simple as that. btw this has already been suggested - batch practice)

Currently I have managed to re-golden 26/65 (40% ) skills, but the icon indicating the total word strength is still at 3 bars as it was when I started so I don't have any perspective on how much progress I have made unless I scroll down the page and count all of the skills. Zooming out in order to view my whole tree also doesn't work since even then I have to scroll in order to see all of the skills.

2 suggestions for getting a bit more perspective on how much progress a user has made:



I know it isn't pretty. :( If you like the idea and you can make it look somewhat different and perhaps even a bit nicer you can post it here by typing this ![](link from the website hosting the image)

some "technical" details regarding the minimap:

  1. I imagine it to be hidden by default (button for it should be in fixed position like support button)
  2. scalable so it is always fully visible no matter how much the user zooms in or out
  3. clickable -> positions the screen on the part of the skill tree where you have clicked

Second suggestion regarding the same issue is a whole lot simpler.

NUMERICAL INDICATOR OF PROGRESS upon hovering the icon for total word strength


Again if you don't like how it looks please describe how you would want it to look or even post your version in this thread. :)

Even though I am going from easier skills to harder ones I like to check most of the comments in sentence discussions just to see if there are some unanswered questions. Unfortunately doing that all the time is a bit bothersome since in order to view all the comments in the sentence discussion we have to switch from the keyboard to the mouse.

suggestion: keyboard shortcut for opening sentence discussion (for closing currently Esc works) and enabling up and down arrows for scrolling when it's opened.

Another aspect of checking sentence discussion that could be made a bit easier: When a sentence discussion has a lot of comments it takes time to find questions that haven't been answered. Actually I am less prone to open a discussion that has a lot of comments, but maybe that is just me.

2 suggestions for that:

NUMERICAL INDICATOR indicating how many unanswered questions are there in the sentence discussion (Actually that would display the number of comments that have no subcomments.)


SORTING comments in sentence discussion.


Tools suggested in this last section could be especially beneficial for moderators.

Thank you for reading this humongous post and again if you have any advices, remarks and/or suggestions please share. :)

4 years ago


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Loooooove the minimap!!!

4 years ago


The minimap idea is brilliant, especially if it's clickable. I'd probably have it always showing, and use it several times a session. Strengthening in batches sounds interesting as well.

4 years ago

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Dang, you went all out.

4 years ago


I really like the minimap!

4 years ago