"Do you want to buy a skirt?"

Translation:Ви хочете купити спідницю?

May 11, 2017

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Can i say "Хочеш купити..." instead of "Ти хочеш купити..."?


I would like to extend the Sosnytskiy answer and to tell my expressions about these two sentences.

When someone approaches me and asks "Хочеш купити спідницю?", I will more often tend to think that he/she are interested in me buying the skirt from them. If they ask "Ти хочеш купити спідницю?" - I will more often tend to think that they are asking just in general, not necessarily having some interest in me buying the skirt.


I do not know whether these versions are accepted here, but yes, "Хочеш купити..." and "Ти хочеш купити..." mean the same and both are gramatically correct.

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