"Jeg er redd for elg."

Translation:I'm afraid of moose.

May 11, 2017

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Finally, I'm not alone.


How come singular and indefinite? In the tips and notes we are 'redd for ulver' (plural). 'I am afraid of moose [singular]' doesn't work in English, but the problem is masked by the fact that moose doesn't change in the plural, so the translation looks ok; is 'jeg er redd for hund' (*'I am afraid of dog') valid in Norwegian? Is it a singular-for-plural when talking about animal species thing?


But Ulven ? No? Ulven spiser meg


Den hesten spiser sjerfett mitt


Then it is probably a bad idea for you people to learn Norwegian and travel there someday


Why is it "redd for elg" while some of the other sentences had "katten redd hunden" without "for"?


I wondered the same and found this reply from Deliciae taken from the sentence "my cat is afraid of dogs: Katten min er redd hunder."

"For" is frequently omitted, but it seems to me that the more complicated or unusual the fear is, the stronger the preference is for leaving it in.

You can never go wrong with using the full expression though, so it's safe to default to that.


How would you say to be scared for someone/something?


Not sure, but that's probably covered under "å bekymre"/"to worry"?


I'm more confused by the English plural here than the Norwegian. Moose? Mooses? Meese??


Moose is the same in singular and plural. Same as sheep. In a sentence one would probably say I am afraid of the sheep if is singular, and ‘afraid of sheep’ in the plural.


Why for here for is used so many times so it's confusing me, why not used til instead of for.. someone help me with examples please (°_°)


Why does this sentence have ‘redd for’ and the one about dogs does not. Also why does Duolingo keep on and on Bout moose. They are right up in Lapland.


Elks/moose do live in Norway. The website https://norwaytravelguide.no/norwegian-nature/animals-and-wildlife-in-norway says: "Two of the most easily found animal species in Norway are elk and reindeer. Despite the Norwegian’s appetite for moose burgers, they are still common in the southern and central regions, whilst reindeer can be seen more frequently further north - obviously, that’s where Santa is."


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