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How many languages do you intend on knowing in the future

How many languages do you wish to learn in the future, and why?

I wish to be able to speak, write and read 8 languages in the future (including English)

Slovakian - I have a friend who is from Slovakia and he teaches me some Slovak words.

Cantonese - Same with Slovak

French - I wish to learn French as I think it's a beautiful language and I plan on visiting France in future.

German - German is more of a cooler sounding language and I also plan on visiting Germany

Swedish - Swedish was the first language that I used on Duolingo and I got very far into it, getting level 14 but then deleting it to restart the course because I had lost motivation

Finnish - I plan on living in Finland at some point in my life as I had known someone who was from Finland and he was the first polyglot I was friends with knowing French, English, Finnish and Swedish

Japanese - I also plan on living in Japan for a period of time in my life as I've very fascinated in the Asian culture.

Tell me about the languages you wish to learn and why :D

May 11, 2017



As many as i can :)
The ones i'd like to learn most are:

Vietnamese: I'm learning Vietnamese for a few reasons. The main one is that I want to do a University semester in Hanoi and Vietnam looks to be such a beautiful country. Secondly, I think that Vietnamese is a beautiful language, with its alphabet, diacritics, and musical sound, and thirdly, Vietnamese culture is so interesting to me and i want to learn more about it.

Mandarin Chinese: Chinese is spoken by 1/5 of the world, Learning it would give me the ability to speak with them. Hanzi is a challenge, but something that I would love to master. It would also open the gates to learning Chinese history and culture!

Japanese: I would be able to learn about the history (Very interesting) and culture of Japan. I love how the writing system looks and sounds. I would definitely like to be able to travel with my best friend (She loves anime and wants to visit Japan).

Korean: I’m going to be honest, I love Kpop, but It’s not the only reason for me wanting to learn Korean. Hangeul, the writing system that Korean uses is said to be the easiest writing system and it looks neat. I like the sound of spoken Korean and I’ve had relatives that have visited Seoul an said it was a beautiful place.

Danish: My Great-Grandmother immigrated from Denmark a few years before my Grandma was born. I would absolutely love to be able to translate her family tree book and read the literature my relatives have written.

Arabic: The writing system is beautiful, Spoken Arabic is beautiful, the countries are beautiful,- i just love Arabic.

Thai: No real reason, but it’s one i’d like to learn.

Yiddish: A few relatives of mine dedicated his life towards Yiddish and i would love to be able to read about their work and successes.

Russian: Also no real reason.

German: My fathers (and some of my grandma’s) side of the family are German.

Swahili: Africa has held my fascination for many years now, and i’d like to travel there someday.

Croatian: I was friends with a girl from Croatia, and she taught me small bit. I realized that i really liked the language and the pictures of Zagreb lead me to wanting to visit :)

A sign language: Preferably, Australian Sign Language or Vietnamese sign language.


Wow that's cool! It seems that you like Asian languages quite a big :)


haha yea, I find them very interesting and cool :)


Spanish - Too many reasons for me to list.

French - The language sounds rather lovely, and it is quiete useful in the business field. I also wish to visit France one day, going out to the countryside; I may even decide to go to Paris or the Côte d'Azur (in France's southeast.)

German - This language seems very fun to pronounce. It is also useful for the scientific field, should I ever decide to turn to that. Also, just like the case with French, I wish to visit Germany (or perhaps Switzerland) to go to the countryside, but I also wish to visit the mountains, because I have always found the most charm in mountain regions over any others.

Japanese - This language I want to learn because I have been enamored with many things about Japan's culture for many years. I enjoy reading manga and watching anime, yes, but apart from that I would like to visit Mount Fuji and other notable places in Japan one day. I would like to live there as well, but due to it being around 4 tectonic plate boundaries, it is prone to earthquakes, and those make me feel rather uncomfortable...

Icelandic - I have been fascinated with Norse mythology almost as much as I have with Japanese culture and mythology for almost as long. Also, it seems the most favorable to me in terms of climate, as I very much despise heat (I get warm very easily.) Pertaining to my love for colder climates, I love them both visually and temperature-wise. Snow, I believe, can make most environments seem a bit prettier (including deserts), and Iceland has plenty of ice and snow, but it also still has just the right amount of greenery for some variation in the terrain.

Portuguese - This language is also pretty fun to pronounce. The music I have listened to is also very nice and upbeat as I like. This language is also spoken in Brazil, which is a country I have always wanted to go to, as it takes a sizeable share of the Amazon Rainforest, which is home to some of my favorite animals (the jaguar being my favorite of all.)

Swahili -This one I want to learn, again, mostly for trips to the wilds, and Africa has most of the other animals I adore (rhinoceroses most of all African animals).

Korean - Never really had a real fascination with this one, but I have looked into South Korean culture, and it seems similar to Japan's, but with its own unique flair. Also, the writing system is simpler than the Japanese one. The downside, though, is that the language is, as I have heard from other people, harder to pronounce.

I have considered Hungarian before (mostly so that way I could actually have something to impress friends and other people with), and I have tried it, but I found it to be a little bit out of my skill set. Who knows though, I may come back to it again someday.

I am sorry if this explanation seems a little weirdly-worded; I am not a person of words.


I have a very specific goal in mind and that is to be near-native in these 5 languages:

  • Spanish: which is my native language already.
  • English: which is my second language
  • Portuguese: as I live close to Brazil and I might need it in the future.
  • German: because I've become obsessed, and that's what made me learn before.
  • Japanese: my ever favorite language, yet the one I struggle the most with.

I don't plan on going any further; I personally think that the time I could spend learning a few words in other languages I could spend mastering technical fields in these I'm already learning.


Well...by the flags on my thing...quite a few. However the most important languages to learn is of the following:

Spanish: My parents and my relatives speak Spanish... so I have to learn it.

Hebrew: I am the last one in my family who is a devout Jew... I have to keep the tradition alive.

German: My grandmother, before she died, spoke fluent German. I learn German to remember her.

Italian: It's close to Spanish..right?

French: It's where baguette bread is born... I want to try it one day....

Russian: Hey, it's different..... Don't judge me...


Finnish - After watching WatchMojo's Top Ten hardest languages, I thought "hey, why not try learning one of these". I chose Finnish at random and decided to research it. I soon became fascinated with the language and the culture surrounding it. A pretty weird way to begin learning a language I know. But I'm glad I made the choice. Finnish was the first language I decided to begin studying seriously, thus beginning my language learning journey.

German - A language that I always had interest in since childhood, but never got around to learning it until now. I was considering learning Dutch because it was easier, and I thought it sounded just as nice as German. But I figured that I'd probably find more opportunities to use German ( so many German furries ). I also know a native speaker so I am now determined to make progress in this language. It is now the language I have the most knowledge of.

Russian - I also had an interest in this language since childhood. Unfortunately I have no one to practice with... Sounds pretty though.

Japanese - There is so much amazing material / entertainment in Japanese that I just had to learn it ( and also more furries ). I also know some native speakers which will be very helpful.

Chinese - Primarily to understand my Chinese import video games and to communicate with the Chinese speakers that this map promises I'll find if I try looking for them.


Norwegian - Purely for It's sound and culture. Finding material in this language is a lot harder than I thought it would be...

Danish - Same reason as Norwegian but I actually have someone to practice the language with.

French - Sounds soothing and I'd like to have at least one romance language in my arsenal.


Maybe 2 or 3. After I learn French, I might start learning Spanish


Nice discussion, really I want to learn every language but that's not happening, so here are some ones that I'll try to learn and are most desirable for me to learn.

Spanish- It's a very useful language to learn, and it's fairly easy to learn. Along with the useful part many people speak it, so many of the countries that I want to travel to use it. Those include Argentina, Peru, and maybe Spain or Mexico.

Italian- It's similar to Spanish, widely spoken, and a top place that I want to travel.

French- I want to learn it for the same reasons, travel and is useful to know.

Ukrainian- My mom's godmother (I think of her as my grandma.) is from the Ukraine and speaks fluent in it and English. She is Ninety-one young now and has a great story of coming to America. So I want to learn it for her, she as been a great inspiration that I can learn a second language.

German- I am about half German and have had relatives live there in the past, I think it is challenging but fun to learn.

Croatian- I'm about a quarter Croatian and have some relatives that could help me learn it. Also I don't know much about this side of my family so I could travel to Croatia, and learn more about my ancestors. It's also a beautiful country.

Korean, Japanese, Irish, Portuguese, and Swedish- For these languages I would't necessarily want to become fluent in them, but learn the basics about them.

Korean- I take Tae-Kwon-Do, and our Grand Master passed away about two years ago. (I think it was to cancer.) He thought me a lot so I want to learn a little bit of Korean to honor and give back to him.

Japanese- I find the characters interesting and I may travel there someday.

Irish- I'm about a fifth Irish and want to travel there. I have heard it's called the "Emerald Isle" and I want to see what that's about.

Portuguese- This language is similar to Spanish so I already have a kick start on it. My friends family knows Portuguese and English, so they could help me and they would be impressed that I know it.

Swedish- My friend is Swedish and is moving back to Sweden. So I want to learn it in his honor.

Huff... that was a lot to type. So eleven languages in all, 6 fluent and 5 partially fluent. Hope this inspires you on your language journey, and thank you Duolingo and all the other people I mentioned for making it possible for me to learn these languages and inspiring me.


Many, including:

French: amazing language, beautiful, would love to go to France

Italian: a nice, easy language with beautiful country & culture

German: interesting and fun, why not?

Japanese: interesting language, difficult but seems worth it! Nice country too

some Russian: Beautiful language! Would love to learn it & go to Russia

some Arabic: Complex but very nice language, would be fun to learn!

Maybe some Norwegian too, nice country and seems like a beautiful and easy language.


My native language is English and the only one I think I'll really try is Swahili. I would love to learn Tuvaluan but I haven't got around to learning it on Memrise. Tuvalu is a beautiful country, look up some pictures! I plan on visiting Iceland soon and possibly living there for a short while someday, so Icelandic would be nice to just know the basics. I'd also like to learn a bit of Japanese because I want to be able to speak with my Japanese friend in his native language.

On the top of my list is Swahili by far and then Tuvaluan out of pure interest.


Oh! And American Sign Language! I can't believe I forgot!


My main goal is Japanese, but I'd also like to know Finnish, Korean, Mandarin, Slovenian, and Arabic.


English: my native language

Spanish: I had to take classes from 6th grade to 12th grade, but after two years of no practice I forgot a lot of it. Now after almost 2 years of practice, I can hold a conversation, but I want to reach full-speed fluency. I have a lot of friends who are native speakers and I now live in an area with a lot of them. I look like I might be Latina so I get greeted in Spanish a lot, but I feel like I catch people off guard when I reply relatively slowly with a few mistakes so I end up explaining that I'm not a native speaker. Knowing Spanish can also open doors for me career-wise. A year ago I passed on applying to an internship because it would require me to speak to native speakers in Spanish but I wasn't confident in my abilities. Also, one day I want to travel around South America. My grandparents and some of the generations before them on my mother's side spoke Spanish because they were from areas of the Philippines where Spanish was commonly spoken, even in the first half of the 20th century.

Portuguese: I once saw writing in Portuguese and was amazed how similar it was to Spanish so I decided to start learning it here. I absolutely fell in love with the language, partly because it was coming to me easily since I already knew Spanish, partly because it's sometimes more "flowy" than Spanish and I find that elegant. I don't really have anybody to practice with so I'm not super motivated to become fluent, but I want to know enough to get by so Brazil can be part of that future trip to South America. Also, I recently found out the the Chinese heritage I have several generations back was actually part Portuguese.

Italian and French: I basically said "why not?" since I'm already learning other romance languages. Maybe one day I'll go to Italy and France.

Tagalog: My mother is from the Philippines but my siblings and I don't speak it, which we've caught some flak about. This criticism has been largely based on ignorance though, and my reasons for wanting to learn Tagalog one day are personal, not because of the judgments by people who don't really know me. Though it's an absolute travesty that there isn't a duolingo course for a language spoken by millions of real-life people, the vast majority of whom are polyglots, while there are two courses in the incubator for fictional languages.


As many as I can. But the most important for me are:

Romanian: I live in Romania, and I need it, and I also like it now.

Spanish: Simply I fell love with it, it's my favorite language.

German:I have cousins who have moved to Germany 8-9 years before, and they speak in German between themselves, ans sometimes also when we meet, and I want to understand them, to speak to them in German.

Greek: I like very much the ancient Greece

Finnish & Turkish: They are distant relatives to my native language, Hungarian.

Japanese: One of my friend learns Japanese, and so, I also began it, and I like it now.

Hebrew: I want to read the Bible in original.

Danish: Perhaps, I will go to Denmark to university there you don't need to pay for it.

Hindi: I like also very much India

Croatian: I always liked Croatia, I also want to learn Russian and Polish, because they are different kinds of Slavic languages.

Yeah, and of course English(I almost forgot it).


Spanish- delicious food and good looking boys.

French- delicious food and good looking boys.

Russian- delicious food and good looking boys.

Arabic- delicious food and good looking boys.

Japanese- delicious food and good looking boys.

Italian- delicious food and good looking boys.

Greek- delicious food and good looking boys.

Hindi- delicious food and good looking boys.


Quite a selection :P


I've already studied quite a bit of French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Latin. Russian was a slippery beast for a long while, but Immersion (RIP), helped me finally turn a corner, so I think I'll eventually pin it down.

Catalan and Italian seem approachable enough. I wouldn't mind another Slavic language or two, with a certain focused interest in Ukrainian. My brief journey through the tree seems to point to it becoming perhaps as welcoming as Catalan and Italian seem to me now if only my Russian were a bit more pinned down. I'd also like to learn Swedish.

Guaraní - this thing might really be happening. It's more approachable than it "ought" to be because Spanish can be relied on to fill in so many gaps. This is probably an underappreciated aspect of attempts to learn at least some "minority" (Guaraní is not actually a minority language in Paraguay) languages: people can understand a more common language even if they might not be able to reply in it, which means everybody you meet can help you learn in a pretty advanced way.

Further afield / harder to get a toe hold in for now: Georgian, Arabic; maybe Swahili, Indonesian. The fact those two are reputedly comparatively easy is a draw, as is their being widely spoken. I'm sure I'll do the Haitian Creole tree when it comes out, and I don't suppose that language can be too hard to get a handle on given French competence.

And there are many others I'd like to explore.


Great Thread!

I think that 7 languages in total would be reasonable for me. I'm already fully fluent in 3 and understand somewhat 1. So I think that 3 more would suffice.

French - Really love this language. It is really beautiful, the best sounding language in the world as far as I can tell. Just started to learn french a couple of days ago and it's going great thus far.

Italian - History, Culture, Food. I mean what else can I say? I would really love to speak this language fluently and maybe someday visit the country and even stay?

Last Language - I haven't really decided yet. No other language comes to mind, but I know that I would want to learn one last language. No ideas yet though, but I figure it's a long way until I will have to make up my mind for this decision, so I'm all good for now.


What are the languages you speak fluently?


I speak Farsi, Swedish, English and understand, but do not speak (hope Duolingo can help me with this in the future) Turkish.


Wow that's interesting! Farsi, i've never heard of that one :0


It's also known as Persian ;)


You can see part of my flags on nick row. That is the saldo of three months. Then english for sure and finnish, which is my native tongue. Why I learn - for FUN. no financial benefits, what so ever. And most of all, because I can do it


I would like to learn 3. i want to learn spanish (which i am working on, french, and yiddish.


Wow, I'm looking at this comment section and seeing so many dedicated people... And then there's me.

To be honest, I'm interested in German, French, Latin, Japanese, and Romanian, but I plan on actually becoming fluent in French.

The reason why I plan only knowing French is because I have a great passion for writing and I want to be able to translate my works into the French language. Plus, I simply find the language beautiful and when it comes to French literature, everything just flows so nicely... It's hard to explain.

However, if I ever moved on beyond French, it would be Japanese because I want to be able to read mangas and watch anime in Japanese, rather than subtitles or dubbed. That also goes for Jpop.

So... Yep. I may not be fantastic as the rest of these people, but at least it's something...!

(Also, good luck on your goals!)


My answer is probably very "unduolingo like"... but after French, I very much doubt I will learn any more. I am learning because I have family from France who I wish to be able to converse with, and I always wanted to have at least one language other than English. The ~1000 hours it takes to learn a language are worth it for a 2nd language... but a 3rd, not really, so I doubt I'll continue.


We all have our own priorities, of course, but I'll say there's no way it takes a thousand hours for the second Romance language, at least. Having learned French, I could speak halfway decent Spanish with one good college semester (3 hr/wk in class), one very poor one, and a couple weeks of an immersion course. That seems like about 1/3 of 1000 hours to me, and I'd say that seems on target, if not conservative. Learning Spanish definitely seemed at least three times easier to me.


I suppose that's good... it's possible I am over-estimating a little.


I want to learn all languages in the world, but I have to be realistic. I speak Swedish and know Norwegian and Danish. I know English of course. I know some Spanish and Esperanto. I hope I can learn Hebrew, Greek, Arabic and Korean within few years. I would like to learn Finnish, Latin, Icelandic and Gothic, but that would be a long term project. It would be nice to know a Celtic language, preferably Scottish Gaelic, but DL doesn't have it, so I started the Welsh course while waiting for the Scottish course. In the future I might add more languages on the wish list. Maybe I can do all courses on DL, but that will take a very long time and more courses will be added meanwhile, so I wonder if I can even catch up at all in this case.


German - I really love German and it's connection to my family tree.

Spanish - I live in an area of high Mexican and other Middle American diaspora and I want to be able to speak to them in their languages

Swedish - it's easy and I'm already in too deep

Portuguese - I'm just so drawn to this language

I learn other languages like irish, swahili, and welsh just for fun but i won't beat myself up over fluency in them


The languages I'd love to speak one day:

German, English, Swedish, Chinese, French, Arabic, Spanish and Czech.

So far I'm fluent in German and English and working on Swedish and Chinese. One step at a time. :-)


I love all of your stories, they all have their own personality to them


My goal is three. English, Spanish, and ASL.


Planned / currently learning / have already learned (doesn't include my native language). I'm pretty sure that I'll become fluent / "quite" fluent in all of these unless a job gets in the way :P.

  • English (it isn't my native language but I'm C2+)

  • Portuguese

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Mandarin (potato, temporarily on pause until probably July)

  • Italian (potato, I've started to learn Italian shortly ago for no reason but it being a romance language [it's a good moment to add it to French, Spanish and Portuguese].)

I would like to further add the next ones after completing Mandarin (the one that will take the longest to learn).

  • Cantonese (I'm very likely to add this one once I feel like my Mandarin has gotten to a worthy level).

  • Hindi (just for the lolz)

  • Swahili (seems fun)

  • Russian (it has been getting more important ever since a country with 300m+ inhabitants has fallen under Russian rule)

And if there's still time beyond that, maybe: Indonesian, Japanese, Another Chinese language, ...


I wish to learn Spanish. I am having trouble on what to do now I know some basics but I want to start getting a little more advanced. Other than that I think Russian is really cool.


I really want to learn as many languages. Right now I am working on Spanish primarily, and hope to be fluent by the end of the summer, and Japanese, which I am pretty casual about learning right now. I also want to learn Irish because I currently listen to/sing a lot of songs in Irish and would love to know more of the language. Also once upon a time in High school I took mandarin Chinese and would like to be able to speak some more of that.

I don't have any number in mind, I just want to learn a lot of languages. Talking is fun.


French: I find French to be a beautiful language and I might possibly live there someday! There are also a ton of native French speakers where I live so I think it would be really cool to communicate with them! Japanese: Once again, a very interesting language. I want to learn this out of pure interest. German: Lots of german speakers in my area and I have german ancestory. Russian: Same with German Klingon: I'm a huge nerd soooooo...... Swedish: Just out of interest.


7 or 8 languages would be very handy. :)

And which ones...probably at least 4 or 5 from the top 10 in this list.


In the top 10 list, i can already converse, read and write fluently in two. English and hindi. then add my mother tongue which is tamil.

Spanish am trying to learn here in duolingo though i need to put a lot of efforts to become completely fluent. But yes traveling in the right direction...We should just give time some time and before even we realize it would be time to notice that it is time. :)


I would like to learn these languages. (I can speak 3 fluently)

English - I already am very fluent in English.

Arabic - It is my mother-tongue but I've learnt it in a Sudanese dialect (cause I'm Sudanese) but I am also capable of speaking classic Arabic.

Malay - Not many people know this language but I grew up in Malaysia and learnt it, to let you know casual Malay is very different from formal Malay. (It's also very similar to Indonesian)

French - I love the way it sounds, I don't plan on living or going to France but I do plan on working in Africa and a majority of it speaks French. Bonjour!

Swahili - Its the same reason as French, cause many African countries speak French.

Indonesian - Its very similar to Malay so it will be super easy for me!


Japanese - I definitely want to continue learning Japanese. I've had a fantastic teacher over the last year, and she did a great job with immersing our class in the language and culture. I've always been interested in anime, manga, etc., but also in Japanese society (I'm a social science kid :P).

Korean - I've already learned Hangul and I know that Korean grammar is most similar to Japanese (which I think I have a decent foundation in at this point). I also want to travel to Korea through a program at my school.

German - I enjoyed learning German in the past (unfortunately my school did not offer enough classes, so I was forced to drop it). Several family members and friends also learned German, so I hope I can keep reviewing it and go to Germany some day.

Mandarin - I always felt like Mandarin would be too difficult for me to pick up, but my current roommate is a native speaker and offered to help me... Maybe I can learn a little and visit her in China someday. Plus, it would help me connect with so many more people.

Arabic/French/Russian/Spanish - I've studied Spanish before (with a less than stellar teacher) so I would like to try to learn more eventually. I'm mostly interested in these languages because of their importance internationally.


Two more after Spanish, Those will be Japanese and Kling Klong.


You mean Klingon?


He might have meant Chinese... Ok that was a bad joke...

[deactivated user]

    I've got a loooooooong list, but here's a few of my goals:

    Mandarin - It was my mother tongue, but unfortunately I forgot much of it and now whenever any relatives from China visit I can't talk to them properly. It's torture! O_o

    French - I like France. Just kidding, I LOVE France. I've been there before and it was amazing, I plan to visit again, with better French skills than when I first visited in fourth grade. (I used the informal pronoun for "you" in French when I was talking to strangers, no wonder they all looked annoyed at me, whoops...)

    Spanish and Portuguese - I want to visit Latin America one day, and I'm travelling to the Iberian Peninsula soon. Plus they sound nice.

    Esperanto - Some friends of mine are learning it to use as a "secret code". Therefore I am too.

    Polish - I have this friend who...

    Korean - I also have this other friend who...

    Russian - I also have these friends who...

    German - Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz.


    7 fluently and most of them related. Any more and I feel I won't rise to conversational mastery


    I already know these languages:
    Spanish, my mother tongue.
    English, quite a few years studying, but I'd like to visit an anglophone country to practice it.
    Esperanto, the language of my heart.

    I want these languages:
    Chinese, which I'm currently learning.
    Italian, whose tree I finished, but I need a lot more practice.
    Guaraní/Quechua, learning both would be too much, I want one of those, but I don't like the Guaraní taught here on Duolingo, I'll have to wait.

    There are others that interest me from time to time, like Japanese, Finnish, Russian, but keeping up all of the others will be my priority.


    The Guaraní tree certainly leaves much to be desired, but having just received my 300 page reference grammar, there's no doubt its content is unspeakably more familiar than it would have been had I not worked on the tree here.


    Now is my turn. I am learning on Duolingo languages from french (native) and from english because the courses from french are limited.

    From French :

    • English : THE basis.

    • German : I studied it at school and made a little by myself (i travel a lot to Germany) but i left it aside to focus on the Dutch courses.

    • Spanish : One of the most spoken languages, i started too to travel to Spain.

    • Italian : I live in a town with a great history of italian immigration so i find it cool to learn it and it really sounds bellissimo.

    • Portuguese : the 2018 World Cup made me discover this language and i find it really great, it sounds enchanting.

    From English :

    • Dutch : Second national language of Belgium (my country), useful because i'm looking for work and i travel a lot in the Flanders (dutch-spoken area of Belgium)

    • Chinese : One of the most-spoken languages in the world.

    • Russian : One of the most-spoken languages, i always had interest with the russian sounds and accent.

    • Greek : Because, as an ancient latinist, i started to learn ancient greek but i lost it. It is fun for me to see the differences between the actual and ancient Greek.

    • Danish : I plan a travel to Danmark in the future.

    • Norwegian : I discovered it when i looked for Danish.

    • Swedish : Same as Norwegian, it's is fun to see the difference with Norwegian.

    • Polish : I had a friend who was Polish and he taught me a few words.

    • Hebrew : It's a biblical language, as Arabic (waiting for it on Duolingo).

    And, with the help of Memrize and some others, i am learning (very slowly, one lesson by month) the French Sign Language. I had a colleague that was deaf and i learn to say "hello" in FSL. She was so pleased that i can sign a little i'm still learning, even if she's gone from work.

    That make 15 languages to be fluent in. I am really fluent only in English and have basis in Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian so, i hope to be fluent in them soon.

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