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Glitch: Keep having to redo topics almost everyday?

I noticed that ever since duolingo updated their app/ software that I find myself keep re-doing the same topics almost every day. It's getting quite frustrating having to redo them as it is halting my progress to learn new vocabularies.

Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

May 11, 2017



Do I ever. It´s totally frustrating. From one day to the next the 5/5 go back to 5/4. And the female voice is so irritatingly difficult to hear. She swallows sounds like a bird the seed. Your updating is totally unsuccessful!!!

May 12, 2017


It's terrible. I find myself doing the same topic twice on the same day.

May 12, 2017


i know

May 13, 2017


Yes, I've been having similar problems in German. I returned to Duolingo after a year's hiatus. Having put in 44 days of continuous effort, and reached level 15, I still need to refresh the most basic lessons every day if I want to keep them gold. At this point, I really, REALLY don't need to be drilled on "der Mann" and "die Frau"; however, the simplest topics begin decaying less than 24 hours after I strengthen them. I can easily complete the exercises without any errors, but the speed at which they degenerate has not slowed at all.

It was not like this when I used Duolingo last year. At that time, I found it fairly easy to keep the "roots" of my tree gold as I learned new lessons. Now, it is simply impossible.

May 12, 2017


I am about to quit! Bug on bug? You dropped imerson to concentrate on other things, now it feels like you just ruining one thing after another...

May 14, 2017


Only in French. I was thinking it would be more interesting if after strengthening 2 or 3 times, it switched to translations into your target language.

May 11, 2017


Yes, but independent of updates. About 15 redos a day per tree :((

May 12, 2017


I really don't understand why would they do that.

May 12, 2017
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