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Suggestion to Duolingo

Please add the ability to take a 7 day vacation in exchange for lingots.

There are times when I am traveling to places where internet service is unavailable for several days running and I would like to be able to maintain my learning streak without interruption.

May 11, 2017



I'd be happy to pay 100 Lingots for 7 days. Especially, if you only lost the days you missed.


It would make the notion of a 'streak' rather meaningless if people could take weeks off at a time—the whole point of streaks is to encourage people to practise every day.


Nobody said weeks at a time. The OP said 7 days which I think is reasonable for the reason he or she stated: lack of internet service for days at a time.


yes, that would be very helpful. As an alternative, is there anyone you could assign to maintain your streak while you're away? Because it is also very important to visit the places with no wi-fi!


Dear duo,can u add Korean for English speakers... i need it.. i don't like using another app solely for Korean..thanks


You probably have a pile of lingots and could buy lots of streak freezes. With my lingots, I could buy more than 300. With the gems they were converted to on the app, I could buy 6. Conclusion: this feature won't be added because under the system that's probably coming, there's almost nobody who could afford it. (I take it as given that the ongoing weekly lingot grants for streaks will be substantially devalued under the gem system as well).

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