Is there any plan to integrate Tinycards with Duolingo?? I would like my XP in Duolingo to take into account what I do in Tinycards and also the fluency score should be affected by my progress in Tinycards. I really enjoy Tinycards but it would be so much better if it worked more closely with this site. If my words are strong here, I should not have to strengthen them over there. It obviously knows my account bc it used the same one I use here so I do not see why it could not be done.

May 12, 2017


duolingo has a lot to improve. tiny cards is just a part of much bigger change they need to do over time.

I also think that to be useful Tiny Cards should update the word strength in Duolingo.

Now that decaying skills has been dropped from Duolingo language courses, I am looking for some other way to commit words to my memory. If Tiny Cards doesn't update the word strength in Duolingo, then it has no advantage over all the other Flashcards out there.

Hello! You can now earn XP for studying Duolingo content in Tinycards:

For now, this feature is only available on web and Android but we plan on bringing it to iOS soon.

We are also working on some other ways to integrate Tinycards more tightly with Duolingo, so stay tuned!

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