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Lost my 28 day streak. Time zone bug?


I changed the timezone on my computer after coming home from a trip overseas and it caused me to lose my streak. This is so disheartening! My daily xp data shows no gaps in my practice. Mobile app isn't even prompting me for streak repair.

May 12, 2017



aw shucks! Timezones on Duo have been a mystery to me. My week resets Sunday afternoon (maybe in another timezone somewhere?). I practice every morning, and often a little bit later in the day as well. That way I don't worry about falling of the timezone-edge! I don't know which timezone Duolingo thinks I'm in.

Your issue may be a mobile issue, or something else, I don't use mobile. I hope you can get your streak back, but in case you can't, you can always memorialize it in your profile, (Lost streak: 28 days) - and build a new one. Before you know it, you will have 28 days again, and more. Happy learning!!


Update: I opened the mobile app again and was able to purchase a streak repair. I had enough google play credit to cover the $2.99 so it's no biggie. I encourage everyone to keep a streak freeze equipped-- I know I will from now on!

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