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Why did you choose to learn a certain language?

I know this has probably been asked before but I'm curious as to why people choose to learn __? I started to learn French at first in school because it was required but I have really come to love the language and learn more about France and more! I chose to start learning Welsh because I was really interested in what a Celtic language is (still not sure what I am doing most of the time) and my family heritage traces back to Wales! I started to learn Italian because of my family heritage of well but then I got lazy. Oops. I will have to pick up on it again!

But after these two I developed a love for languages and now I can't stop learning! (My friends actually hate it, some friends I have) If a language is available to learn with good resources, I'll probably try to learn it, even if only a little.

But let me know as to why you chose a language to learn!

May 12, 2017



At first I wanted to learn Japanese because when I found Duolingo, my Japanese friend (He's a native Japanese speaker) was living with us or Hindi for religious purposes. I realized Duolingo didn't have either and I had no idea what to learn so I chose the one at the bottom of the list, Swahili.

Now, I have a very strong passion for Swahili and I've realized that it will probably help in the future. I want to go to Africa to help people in need when I get older and help out at orphanages. Being able to speak with the kids will be great!


That's really amazing! You are an amazing person! Forgive me if this is wrong but, ninafuraha kukutana na wewe! Your passion for Swahili really makes me want to learn it! (Your website is amazing as well)


Thank you! You should totally learn it as it is simple and surprisingly fun. Asante sana for checking out my site!


First at all, i always wanted to speak my grandfather mother tongue.. it was English and well it motivated me so much to keep going on!

Now, i am currently studying Customs administration and i have a passion to learn all trade languages.

i know it would be hard but, i am doing my best!


Thank you man.. that's what my parents say!


I began learning french 2 1/2 years ago at school. I really wanted to learn french because of my love for Paris and the Country and the culture. I also enjoy fashion and arts which is why Paris is my dream city so I decided to do french after exploratory French. I never really thought about me loving the language but slowly I began to fall in love with the beautiful sounds of the French language and now I'm obsessed. I absolutely love french and no longer just do it for my dreams but also because of the language. I have developed a strong love for french mainly because of how beautiful it is and it always challenges me academically as well. Ever since I began French I have gotten good at all my other classes and managed to get into advanced math! French has really helped me learn more about myself and reach my full potential;)


Yeah, it's amazing what learning another language can do.


C'est bon! Vraiment, je ne croyais jamais que le français serait une partie de ma vie mais il est trop important! Je suis heureux que t'aimes le français! Moi aussi! Le français m'aide avec tous mes cours! Un jour, t'iras en France et tu auras le temps de ta vie! Bonne chance!


Merci beaucoup toi aussi:)


I chose to learn French because I've always wanted to go to France! It was one of the three languages my school offered, so I chose it instantly. The more I learn about the language, the more I love it. I chose German because many of my ancestors/grandparents come from Austria and Germany, and I know many native German speakers. I chose Russian for a similar reason.

However, an underlying reason for chosing all the languages I did was simply out of interest. I find language, spoken or written, to be one of the most beautiful and important things the human race has every conceptualized.


Russian because I'm interested in a very specific area of Russian history that there isn't a lot of English language information about.

Ukrainian - I really like Lesya Ukrainka.

I want to learn Yiddish because it's a cool language.


I love how you are interested in history, and are learning a language to discover more! :-)


I have to learn Spanish for school, but now I've really come to appreciate it and it helps me see things from a different point of view. I thought it was really annoying that they had so many rules and I hated learning it, but then I realized that English is the same way, so I started to appreciate it more. I'm also pretty sure that learning Spanish will help me a lot in the future.


I learn languages because i like all the cultures. I believe that the world is my home and we all belong to the same family. I want to experience different culture and meet different people. My main motive is to travel around the world and let everyone know that we may different on the outside but basically we humans are one big family. I want to bring peace in my world.


I have always had an interest in German so that is why I am learning it. I think that after I finish the German tree I might try a different one.


I started learning French because we'd just moved, so I'd missed course registration, and Spanish was full. I started learning Russian because I wanted to learn Spanish, but I didn't want to be just like my mom, who'd also learned French first, then Spanish, so I thought I'd learn German, but then decided I'd rather learn the language of a place with colder weather yet. I started Catalan because when I joined Duolingo for Russian, I thought it was really strange that I got so few translations into Russian, so I wanted to try something else just to see if I was using it right. And of all these, which is the language that brings me the most visceral joy? Catalan. Life: it's funny sometimes.


Wine women and song. Less the wine and song. And soccer. I want to take a tour of some of the world's (cheap lol) stadiums one day. And bc aside from rich tourists and evangelicals - America needs ordinary joes to to say thanks, please and where's the bus properly and show the world we know how to be polite.

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