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Split infinitives in English


I was never aware that this is an issue.
This concept made an appearance in the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory (Ep. 24), so it picked my curiosity.

May 12, 2017




Myth #1: Don't Split an Infinitive.
"Split" all you want, because this old superstition has never been legit. Writers of English have been doing it since the 1300s.

[My emphasis.]

[Bonus link and quote ...]


22 ...
"Piqued my interest" ...
'Piqued' means 'stimulated'/'aroused' and so if your interest is piqued you might expect it to be waxing and on the up slope.


Splitting infinitives in English is totally fine. The idea that we shouldn't comes from trying to make English more like Latin. Now you might guess I have an affinity for Latin, but English is unique.

(I will admit to not watching the video because I dislike BBT. It is a smart person minstrel show.)


There are certainly occasions when trying to avoid split infinitives makes a sentence sound bizarre and unnatural. There are also times when avoiding a split infinitive adds clarity and elegance. It is absolutely a matter of stylistic choice rather than one of grammar.


To boldly go where no man has gone before.


Interesting, I never realized that one even had to consider that in formal writing.


Interesting video thanks for sharing.

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