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Any ideas for new things to buy with Lingots?

I have a lot of lingots, and I think there isn't enough stuff to buy in the store. Especially since there are three bonus lesson spots- but only two bonus lessons.

May 12, 2017



there are 3 bonus lessons. the last is Christmas. things i would like to see in the lingot store would just be more bonus skills. you could have some universal ones, like music, history, etc, and then you could have some that're only in one language, for example i would like to see cooking for French


P.S. how do you get christmas?


it comes out during Christmas


I guess that should have been obvious :/


That would be nice! Maybe there should be some way to buy or get more bonus skill slots.


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You can always give them to me, since I don't have enough! Seriously, there are 3 bonus skills in popular trees like EN-GER; the 3rd one becomes available around the end of year holidays. That said, you can always donate lingots to people who take time to help others and/or use them for speed tests and/or use them for weekend freezes. I believe that, recently, DL staff has added new features for spending lingots but I am not keeping track. On the other hand, when you get to a "long" streak (say 1 year), lingots do seem to really become superfluous.


I would like to purchase a surprise message that goes across "my followers" screens. Just for fun, appropriate with the idea of encouragement. Like maybe a airplane dragging a sign, or party confetti....just something fun.


That would be fun... kind of like a MOTG?


I'm not sure what MOTG is....I'm old.


Message of the day


Multi day freeze for vacations. Can cost more then normal would be fine.


I think one week or one month streak freezes would be nice. Just in case you were going on a long trip, because generally, you will lose a lot of progress on your lessons.


I guess that would make too many people be lazy and just buy 1 month streak freezes.


I think freeze item is best


I think they should make Spanish games to help you learn. Educational, but fun!


Or in other languages like German.


Lingots are a bit of a distraction, really. They're a good way of helping to turn casual learners into committed learners, but once you've done enough work on Duolingo to have lingots to spare, they lose their purpose.

Buy a streak freeze, the bonus skills, and a test every now and then if you're interested, and then forget about lingots and use the rest of the site.

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