May 12, 2017



un iaurt - a yogurt (n sg indef)

iaurtul - the yogurt (n sg def)

iaurturi - yogurts (n pl indef)

iaurturile - the yogurts (n pl def)

  • Produs lactat cu un gust acid plăcut și cu aromă specifică, preparat din lapte de vacă, de oaie, de bivoliță sau de capră

  • Dairy product with a pleasant acidic taste and a specific flavor, prepared from cow, sheep, buffalo or goat milk


Thanks for all the information you give, it's very useful! You deserve a lingot. Just a question: Are all words with a "uri" plural, neuter nouns?


No. 'strugure' grape which is masc. also ends its plural in - uri. I will try to look up some rule.

Ok. I changed my mind; I think you are right. 'struguri' is rather exceptional because it has 'ur' in the word stem. Another one like this is iepure -iepuri - (m) rabbit

But I am a learner as you, I might be wrong....

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