May 12, 2017



un frigider - a refrigerator (n sg indef)

frigiderul - the refrigerator (n sg def)

frigidere - refrigerators (n pl indef)

frigiderele - the refrigerators (n pl def)

  • Dulap de construcție specială echipat cu un agregat frigorigen, care menține o temperatură scăzută.

  • Special cupboard equipped with a refrigerant unit that maintains a low temperature.


Frigidaire was a manufacturer of refrigerators. Did the Romanians adopt the company's name for all refrigerators, just as we hear, "I've got a Hoover. It was made by Dyson"?


Why isn't refrigerator accepted? In other Latin derived there is also a difference. In Italian frigorifico, in Spanish and Portuguese refrigerador.In the States we use a refrigerator! I have several dictionaries and none list the word fridges.


I wrote it (as a test, I'll admit), and it was accepted. Either they've changed it or you had a different mistake. Later in the course, Duo introduces "televiziune." You must write "TV"; "television" is counted wrong. Notice that "copil" is always "child" and never "kid," so Duo's preference for shortened/common forms is selective.


"fridge" in British English

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