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Decays too fast, no option to do a mass "refresh" on topics

I took to duolingo like a fish to water, but because of my erratic schedule I oftentimes find myself so caught up in things that I forget/cannot do daily duolingo lessons. And even when I do I noticed that the decay on my courses is incredibly fast. It may have something to do with my difficulty setting (insane 50xp) but I find it easier to learn when I have to take more time to do things.

I could set the difficulty lower, but then I wouldn't learn as much, thats just me. But I would like either a menu option to set the amount of decay and/or an option to do a mass refresh on the language topics (like say my adjectives and places need refreshed, rather than do both I'd like a simple "review everything" button).

If this already exists someone tell me how because I'm using this app less and less due to how hard it is to crawl back up the topics due to how fast mine are decaying. I would love to actually finish French and finally move onto Dutch and then Czech when it finally comes out but I will never be able to actually complete all the topics in French due to these issues, as I will lose interest entirely at some point.

May 12, 2017



IMHO the focus is on learning and not on some false metric such as keeping up an arbitrary measure a gold color. My goal is to learn. The health bars and lingots/XPs/gems are just motivators and, in the end, meaningless. The true reward is that you know a new language.


Where you set the goal is irrelevant you can set it at one XP and do two thousand the set goal is to motivate you nothing more


Your difficulty level has nothing to do with the amount that you learn. I have my target set to 1XP but I regularly do in excess of 100 XP per day. In any case, it has no affect on the frequencyvthat skills depreciate. Getting questions wrong or having to hover over words to get their meaning or the amount of time it takes to do lessons is more likely to be the cause.

Duo may have recently tinkered with the algorythm to make practice is required more frequently. There is no way to set the rate of decay but you can practice using the button mon your homepage although there are issues with that as you have no control of which skills are refreshed first or the order they are taken. In any case, with only 20 or so questions it will only cover a small portion of the skills you need to practice at any one time.


it doesn't make any difference, mine is on 30x and still the decay (good word) is rapid, I cannot keep up, like you I zipped through the levels, then I realized the levels had to be redone, over and over, so I did this, but it seemed never enough, and I wasted a couple of weeks doing it, and stopped enjoying the learning process. then I decided I would just keep on going with the new levels, and doing refreshers as I needed them and when I felt like it. so that's the way I keep my enthusiasm going, and I have given up trying to keep each level gold. impossible to do, for me anyway, was just giving me stress. so hope you keep going, take no notice of the decay I would recommend, and continue learning at your own pace. cheers


It would be really nice if the whole tree strengthen skills more adroitly selected the words currently weakest from throughout the tree. Some words appear in so few sentences to begin with; it'd be nice to have a more straightforward way to make them come up more often. As it is, the strengthening system seems kind of buggy to me. There are sentences in the lessons that never, ever come up; meanwhile, in the recent past I've gotten the same two sentences showing up time after time every single time I strengthen a certain skill.

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