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Chinese Language

Does anyone know any dialects of Chinese? It is a course I want to see and learn, if possible, on this site, because I love Duolingo!

May 12, 2017



Thank you!!


No probs, unfortunately they haven't added audio to tiny cards yet :/. Good luck with your Chinese !


It's supposed to be the priority after Japanese and Japanese is in Alpha testing now


I hope they do add it soon. This day and age, it'll be worth a lot to know some Chinese.


I hope that in time there will be at very least a course for Mandarin and one for Cantonese, but some people think Duolingo is so hide-bound by it's "one dialect per language" idea that Cantonese will forever be a no go. There are some issues about lack of a codified written standard. Given that Duolingo has Guaraní (Jopará), which really boils down to an undocumented melange of two languages, Guaraní and Spanish, this can certainly be overcome someway or other.

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